Titanic Ryan Turlington

Have you ever read I Survived the Titanic? I have. Their is a boy named George and his sister named Pheobe and his aunt. They are on the Titanic because his aunt wanted to take George and his sister on a special trip. And George goes on the bottom of the ship and sees a scared face man. George fell and dropped his knife ad the man picked it up. And then the ship shakes and starts flooding. He goes up stairs and they hit an ice berg.Then some guy saves him and they go on a life boat and about 1 hour they find a ship and he gets on and he sees his sister and his aunt and a few days they dock at New York and his friend goes to the hospital and George goes back to his home and sees his father. The End

This is the Titanic under water when it crashed.

This is the titanic at the side.


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