Rome, Italy By: lYDIA bROOKER

This is the Pantheon, was first built as a temple to all Gods. Used as a church. It is very old but it's unknown how old exactly it is.
This is the Colosseum. Its built out of concrete and sand. is the largest amphitheater ever built. was constructed in AD 80. Can hold up to 80,000 people. Most famous for gladiator fights.
This is St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. It's dedicated to Saint Peter, who is buried here. Is famous for a place of pilgrimage. The pope makes many speeches here, that draw large audiences.
The Roman Forum is a plaza surrounded by the ruins of important government buildings. Used to be a market place for the people of Rome.
This is My Ale Craft Beer & Food. Its a restaurant Located at Via dei Cappellari, 79, 00186. This is a very popular place and gets nothing but great reviews.
This it the Amedeo Ristorante. It is very fancy with nice staff. it has a medium to high price range depending on what you get.
At Delta you can fly with 2 stops or 1 stop to Italy. For one adult it costs a little over 9,000 for one seat in the in the business class.
This is the Tree Charme hotel in the center of Rome. Has free wifi, breakfast and very high reviews. Cost $86 dollars for an overnight stay.


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