Favorite Classes By: Nolan Gilbert


Hello my name is Nolan GIlbert. I reasearched whose peoples favorite classes are. I was intrested in the topic because I always wanted to see what classes everybody liked the most.

Sample Info.

Red: Female Blue: Male
These are the type of grades that students say they have. 1 meaning bad 3 meaning good. As you see many people have good grades... so they say.


This is the percentage of people who took my survey. Red: 8th Blue: 7th. As you can tell more 7th graders than 8th graders took my survey.
This is the number of students that were in different class. Blue: regular Red:advanced. As you we can see there arnt that many advanced students.

More Info

This is the percentage of people who like social studies........ keep it up Ms. Boggs and Mrs. Larison
This is how people rated science....... come on now Ms. Baker and Ms. Down.
And this is math.......... I guess people don't like propotions.

Conclusion {Favorite Class}

Last but not least this is Language Arts. This may not look like its the favorite class buttttt look at this.......
It was voted most likeable by more than 45% of students........... And even on student said this..........
Good job Mr. Molz


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