Communicating Cybersecurity CICI Secure Project (Birmingham, al / January 27, 2017)

Our goal today is to present suggestions for communication and awareness-building strategies, and materials for the CICI Secure project (in Clemson). Primarily we want to receive feedback on what the members of the project feel is needed in terms of hitting project goals, and if additional items need to be addressed. This strategy is a work in progress.

CURSORY SURVEY of available materials

  1. Open Science Cyber Risk Profile prevention matrix <3
  2. CTSC Website - Cybersecurity Training, Workshops, and Resources; Webinars
  3. NSF Summit Secure Coding Practices
  4. Center for Long term Cybersecurity - UC Berkeley <3
  5. SANS Securing the Human (webcast, newsletter, campaign building, videos, posters, terms and definitions)
  6. MITRE Cybersecurity Awareness and Training (online training materials, stories, EARNEST)
  7. NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology, computer security division, computer security resource center
  8. NICE: National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education

Notable Examples and Materials

Real Stories/Cases and Best Practices


Clever and Catchy Mnemonics



SANS Securing the Human
SANS Securing the Human



SANS Securing the Human

Scenario Creation

Center for Long Term Cybersecurity (UC Berkley)

Areas to Consider for KEY MESSAGES

*This presentation defines risk as a flexible, contingent event. See the Open Science Cyber Risk Profile prevention matrix


CLEMSON Center of Excellence
Digital Creativity and Next Generation Computing
spark awareness and curiosity that will lead to an engagement with educational and training materials and experts towards a better understanding and implementation of cybersecurity

Audience: materials should have impact and "speak to" specific audiences

Key messages: 5 fundamental actions or items that build cybersecurity awareness

Media/Material: Communicating these messages through appropriate media to reach identified audiences

Elements of Messages

Storytelling - build awareness, change behaviors

  • horror stories/real case studies
  • best practices
  • media: posters, video, social media images

Interactive, Mobile, Just-In-Time Knowledge

  • a venue to ask "stupid questions"
  • a mechanism to access information needed at the moment
  • media: responsive mobile website, spark pages, short introductory videos, FAQs

Build awareness of available services and training

  • calls to action to access services
  • creation of workshops, meet-ups, contests via social media engagement
  • market services of CICI Secure
  • market and promote services of IT offices (?)
  • media: mobile website, social media images, short promotional videos

Create a community of practice

  • sharing and updating stories
  • conversations about best practices
  • media: newsletter, wiki


  • Google Analytics
  • EdX analytics
  • on-campus activities and contests
  • sharing and contributing to on wikis, newsletters, social media responses (sharing best practices, etc)
  • creating videos that tell stories of cybersecurity practices by groups on campus (one year later, Cybersecurity Awareness Month)
"Your Data and You: Ownership, Awareness, Risk and Responsibility"

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