My intriguing spring break filled with snow, low temperature, family, friends, airports, airport food, cheesesteak, an intense game of hide and seek, a few donuts, an angry chihuahua, a ton of angry hairy smelly goats, and one uncomfortable bed.

So, I went to Pennsylvania. It was alright. So thanks

There was some snow and It was cold.
So about the goats. I had to wrestle a few into the back of the trailer. I guess they must've been a bit agitated because that day I learned that goats can emit a roar so spooky, it can and will startle the machoest of men.
My Aunt in Pennsylvania had a chihuahua that was named Diesel. Now young Diesel was quite the dog. You see most dogs bark at the mail man. But this individual dog was so resilient that he decided to bark at anything that happened to move a single mitochondria, which by the way is the powerhouse of the cell.
So our flight got delayed because of the snow it was pretty spook.


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