Digital Video Learning Journal Jackie morlock-miller

Class 1 Creative Challenge.

Create a Vacation Commercial using found video and audio assets. Edit the video so it is 15 seconds long. Export the video as an MP4 (H.264) and host on Vimeo, Youtube or something similar. Share the video URL in the EDEX assignment forum.

This was a fun assignment to kick off the Skill Builder course. Honestly, once I watched the sample "Sandals" commercial posted with the assignment details, I knew I had to be different and create a Winter vacation ad.

Be different. That's what I try to do.

First, I try to think about what other people might do. I figured, in this case, there would be a lot of commercials for sunny and relaxing vacations at the beach.

Therefore, I started looking at Winter video clips. I found several great shots of athletes skiing, snowshoeing, climbing, etc. And, that's when I decided I would create a commercial for the winter sports enthusiast.


I am always looking for ways to improve my work. Could I have done something differently? How can I make it better next time? I review the videos I edit over and over again - taking time away from them then going back to watch them again.

Moving forward, I want to focus more on building creative graphics and logos. I have been experimenting with After Effects for awhile now. But, I hope this course will help me expand my horizons and inspire me to figure out how to use Illustrator and Photoshop for that purpose.

Class 2 Creative Assignment

Create a short video (30 seconds maximum) adding your own clips, audio and graphics as well as adding transitions, effects and titles to your Class 1 Assignment.

When I decided to create a Winter vacation commercial for our first assignment, I didn't realize how difficult it would make the second assignment. I never actually took a Winter vacation myself. Therefore, I didn't have any personal video clips to use for the extended commercial. Instead, I searched for more video clips on to add to my story. I also decided to add more transitions, titles and music.

I chose more tranquil shots to illustrate even a vacation for the Winter sport enthusiast can be relaxing. That was the focus of my extended commercial.

Final Assignment: Learning Reflection

  • Think about your own learning.
  • Think about how your students might learn.
  • Consider the next steps to engaging your students with your new knowledge.
  • Write a short reflection on your own learning during this course.

Let me start by saying - I'm not a teacher. However, I am an Instructional Technologist who creates custom videos for online courses. Therefore, students learn through my work. It's a very rewarding job if you think about it. But, taking this position was quite different than what I have been accustomed to. Formerly, I worked as a TV news anchor and reporter for several years. I was the person out in the field gathering information, making sure my photographer was filming relevant video, writing and producing stories for broadcast. Now, that I work in higher education I realize what I did in news isn't too far off from my current job. I tell effective stories through video. My audience has just changed.

As an Instructional Technologist, there's more of a focus on effective editing. In news, the edits were usually very basic mainly because there wasn't enough time in the day to spend on special effects, titles or transitions. I have the opportunity now to educate students through video. The difficulty is finding new and exciting ways to do that.

I took the Skill Builder: Digital Video for Education course to brush up on my editing skills and learn new techniques. My skill level in Adobe Premiere Pro is probably a five or six out of 10. Therefore, much of the content I was already familiar with. However, it was really nice to switch up the usual roles and be a student again for once. It allowed me to gain new perspective as an Instructional Technologist on how I might cater to my student audience. For one, educators must be clear and concise. In the same sense, my videos need to be clear and concise.

The Skill Builder course also allowed me to reflect on how big of a role audio plays in a production. We were only given 15 to 30 seconds to create a vacation commercial. I'm used to telling stories in about two to three minutes. The Skill Builder class assignments forced me to think about how to effectively get my point across in a much shorted amount of time. And, the music is what my whole commercial together. I picked a music track and edited my video to the beat. I even edited the audio a bit in order for it to line up with certain video clips. I was very happy with the outcome.

In conclusion, taking this class has helped me see new ways of doing things. It has me thinking more about how I can aid our University mentors in teaching our students.

With regard to improving my skills as an editor, I have already signed up for two more editing courses through the Adobe Education Exchange. I am very much looking forward to the challenge! Thank you.


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