Behind the scenes model shoot!

I was asked to help a friend and fellow photographer on a model shoot in a cave! It was an interesting idea and I gladly accepted shooting the BTS (behind the scenes) images and general bag carrier and light tweaker.

We ventured out to Cathedral Cavern near Coniston on a cold (and rainy) November day with a car full of equipment and Zoe, the amazing model. Incidentally, Zoe came pre-made up from Manchester! Yes, she had to catch the train wearing a flowy dress, blue hair and a flower garland in her hair. I was very impressed with the make-up but also the confidence required to travel by public transport all made up!

When we went into the cave we were met by a group of school children who were just about to embark on a caving adventure when they saw us arrive loaded down with equipment. They approached us and the teacher asked what we were up to. They were fascinated when we explained we were going to photograph Zoe for a fashion magazine.

I can’t show you the final images as the magazine wants exclusive exposure, but I can share a few BTS shots from the day.

It took a while to warm up afterwards.

Highlight of the day? Hand warmers and hot chocolate!

We were all eager to see the results — watch this space!

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Dayve Ward

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