Carving By: Miranda g.

I got this idea for a carve from a Netflix show i liked called Stranger Things. I thought the font was cool, so i decided to go on this website to change the words "Stranger Things" to read "Miranda Goodwill", my name.

To enhance the positive and negative shapes, I coloured in the words i wanted carved and erased the background of the picture. To make sure my design would carve well, i fixed it up on easel. I researched a website online where you can change the writing.

To prepare my design for carving, i had to put it in the easel app and modify it so it would print right. To modify it, i had to move it away from the corners so it wouldn't carve over the end of the carvey.

To start the process of carving, you first have to get a board of plastic and put it under the screws. Secure the screws over the plastic board and pull the cover of the carvey down. Last, you have to go onto easel and change the sizes up, then press carve in the top right corner. From doing this project, I learned that the process of carving was relatively easy to do.

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