Italy. The most Beautiful Beaches

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Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

From the plateau of Golgo we will begin our hike to one of the pearls of the Gulf of Orosei: Cala Goloritzè. The trekking has two variants: the climb to Punta Salinas, from which we will have a wonderful view over the bay and the spectacular spire symbol of the beach, or the direct descent towards the beach.

Possibility to return by boat.

Cala Granara, Spargi

Cala granara, located of the island spargi, is only reachable by boat. cala granara consists of three powdery white sandy beachsections.

Cala Pulchino, Lampeduza, Sicily

Cala Pulcino offers turquoise waters, a sandy shore, and rugged rock formations on Sicily's southern coast. Hike to the beach and admire the surrounding canyons, caves, and ravines. Relax on the white-sand shoreline, or wade through the shallow waters of the secluded cove for views of coastal pine trees and cliffs. Rent a boat for the easiest access. Otherwise, prepare for a long walk.

Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

Ponza includes a lot of seaside resorts of extraordinary beauty, mysterious caves and paradisiac beaches. One of these is “ Chiaia di Luna Beach” exposed to the west and protected from the wind by a very high white tuff wall. The bay is accessible only by sea or through a tunnel of the Roman age. In ancient times on this beach was located a Greek port; still today, in the depths it is easy to find the remains of ancient buildings or fragments of amphorae. Its 500 meters of beach with a clear sand realize a real natural amphitheater marked by yellow and white limestone cliffs overlooking the sea. The particular half-moon shape...

Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

Welcome to Cala di Volpe Sardinia! Breathtaking views and pristine beaches best describe this popular tourist spot in the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Yes, this near-perfect travel destination is overflowing with celebrities and attractions, and here you’ll find some of the most highly regarded Costa Smeralda hotels. Cala di Volpe (meaning the ‘bay of the fox’) is a small community located in Arzachena in the province of Olbia-Tempio, in north-east Sardinia, Italy. The village is located in the historical region known as Gallura on the Emerald Coast, between the beaches of Li Itriceddi and Capriccioli. Its strategic position offers easy access to other famous beaches as well, such as Spiaggia del Principe, Grande and Piccolo Pevero, Liscia Ruja, and Romazzino.

Spiaggia di Sansone, Elba

The moment you set eyes on Sansone, you will forget the time it has taken you and the effort you have put in, just to get there: a 15 minute walk along a winding track that starts off at the main road will get you right to the beach.

This beach is yet another among those considered the most beautiful on the Island of Elba. White cliffs all around, that plunge right down into the sea, crystal clear water, that goes from dark blue to light blue, from turquoise to green, in short truly breathtaking.

Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

n the province of Agrigento, along the coast of Realmonte near Porto Empedocle, there is one of the most curious and evocative tourist attraction in Sicily: Scala dei Turchi is a rocky cliff overlooking the sea, with the shape of a superb, natural staircase of pure white color. It’s probably named after the frequent incursions of piracy perpetrated by the Saracen populations, who were generically called "Turks" by the locals.

Spiaggia delle due Sorelle, Marche

Le Due Sorelle beach is named after the two twin cliffs rising out from the waters of this crystal clear sea. Being reachable only by sea, this section of white sand, near to the Conero mountain, is a jewel of unpolluted nature, without facilities.

Baia dele Zagare, Puglia

It is located in the southern coast of Gargano, in the area of Mattinata, where, amid the green emerald shades of the sea, not far away from the shore, two impressive sea stacks come out, called “Arco di Diomede” (Diomede Arch) and “Le forbici” (scissors).

The article was prepared by Travel Dream Club UK www.traveldreamclub.uk

"Let your dream comes true..."

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