EPI 2084 9th grade English/ History/ EMC/ EMI/ Histoire

London 2084. You feel that something dangerous is coming. People are scared and suspicious. Internet and digital industry rule your city. You find an old diary that gives You the chance to be teleported back to the past. You have to collect evidence to warn your people of the dangers of a totalitarian state. Keep a track of them and put them into your virtual suitcase.

All through your mission, you will write your own diary.

Mission 1: You meet Winston Smith and you have a discussion about his world and what you know about Totalitarianism. Evidence 1 : Keep a track of your interview.

Mission 2: You have to create a propaganda poster for Big Brother . Evidence 2: a printed copy of your poster.

Mission 3: You are teleported back to Berlin in 1936 / to Moscow in 1938 / to Nuremberg in 1938. Evidence 3: You have to write and record a News Report.

Mission 4: Winston and you are now in 2016. You meet students debating on whether or not medias have an impact on their lives and manipulate them. Evidence 4: Write down the pros and cons arguments into your diary.

Mission 5: You are back to 2084. You organize a special event to inform your people and warn them of the dangers of Totalitarianism.

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