What is Desertification

Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry area of land becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife.In short ,desertification is when land that was originally of another type of biome turns into a desert biome because of changes of all sorts.


There are many causes of desertification,like Overgrazing ,Deforestation,Climate changes and other

  • Overgrazing┬áis a huge problem because too many animals are overgrazing in certain spots and plants are difficult to grow back with a big effect on the biome ,it makes it lose its former green glory.
  • Deforestation: When people are looking to move into an area , or they cut down trees in order to built houses or to burn them ,they are contributed on the problems of desertification .Biomes without plants and trees can't thrive.
  • Climate Change plays a huge role in desertification .As the weather gets warmer desertification becomes more and more eminent .Huge areas may become even more uninhabitable unless climate change 'll get slower.
  • Natural Disasters cause land to be damaged including drought and in those cases people can't do much thing cause the damage has been caused by the nature


The following are some of the primary effects of desertification in our world.

  • Farming becomes impossible if an area becomes a desert , then it's almost impossible to grow substantial crops there without special technologies . This can cost a lot of money to try and do , so many farmers will have to sell their land and leave the desert areas .
  • Hunger The food production will become much scarcer , and the people who live in those local areas will have to deal with hunger problems . Animals will also go hungry ,which will cause even more of a food shortage .
  • Flooding Without the plant life in an area , flooding is a lot more eminent. Wet deserts can experience a lot of flooding because there is nothing to stop the water from gathering and going all over the place
  • Overpopulation when areas start to become desert , animals and people will go to other areas where they can actually thrive .This causes crowding and overpopulation ,which will end up continuing the cycle of desertification.


Generally many policy changes have to be done in order to solve this problem.

  • Policy changes related to how people can farm:This policy change related to how often people can farm and how must they can farm on certain areas could be put into place to help reduce the problems that are often associated with farming and desertification.
  • Technology advances: In some cases ,it's difficult to try and prevent desertification from happening . In those cases , there needs to be research and advancements in technology that push the limits of what we currently know . Advancements coyld help us find pore ways to prevent the issue from becoming epidemic
  • Education: In developing countries,education is an incredibly important tool that needs to be utilized on order to help people to understand the best way to use the land that they are farming on . By educating them , more and will be saved from becoming desert.

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