Ipost J.K company

Take photos and share moments with your loved ones!

Post them on your status, to let your friends know what you are doing!

Ipost is an app and a website that you can make an account. In this webpage you can post photos, video, and post, and people can see it, your friends or family or other people around the world.You can add filters to your photos to make them look better and have different feelings to it. You can also comment on people post. You can also message people to talk to them and you can also video chat or voice chat people.


Created with images by Doug Scortegagna - "Guarda do Embaú" • Marinelson Almeida Silva - "Your name is beautiful beach. River and sea together.is in the State of Paraíba- Brazil" • D-Stanley - "Addu Atoll Beach" • Christopher Combe Photography - "Dalbeg Beach (new edit)" • reggiepen - "Surf's Up" • tiganum - "column water landscape"

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