This is a poem showcasing the way that Kathleen felt when her brothers death set in. I used a straight forward picture of a casket and roses, but the roses have a deeper meaning throughout the book to both Kathleen and her friend Lucas.
I recreated the cover for my book choices to help show the books plot a little better. Kathleen lives in different universes where her names is different, her friends, and also her appearance.
I did a poem for Take Me There and it's about how no matter what you go through, everything will be okay. I did this for Rhiannon because her and her boyfriend had just broken up along with her best friend Nikki and her boyfriend.
I did a mosaic of a rose to show two things. One, Rhiannon uses roses as a vision of hope for her future relationships. Second, a mosaic is a picture that isn't connected, which portrays how her life is slowing falling apart and she is being disconnected.
There she goes takes place in New York, which is why you see Lady Liberty in the skyline. Rhiannon is in love with art and going to museums, which is why I tried to recreate Starry Night as the background.

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