Term 1b, week 1 A busy first week

This week has been a busy week, so much so that we haven’t taken many photos- sorry!

Following on from before half term, we are going to use our knowledge and expertise in the Shang Dynasty and put it to good use.

We have learned that the Oriental Museum in Durham, which exhibits some Shang Dynasty artefacts, is closed due to COVID 19. We have been in touch with them and they would like us to design and create an online exhibition for them.

We decided that this is definitely something which we can do so we have developed the team: Creating Connections.

This name came from us deciding we wanted to make connections with potential museum visitors, virtually.

Our next step is creating an action plan for how we will be successful and fulfil this commission.

Chris was our Star of the Week this week. He received this for his enthusiasm towards his learning. Good work Chris!

Layla was in Golden Book, this week, for her fabulous, fluent reading. Keep it up Layla and well done!