The Great Depression Haley May

A little boy in a home in Oklahoma, that has been affected by the dust bowl. The dust bowl is one cause of the Great Depression. It left many families without a place to live and no food to eat or farm.

Children playing in the gutter on 139th Street just east of St. Anne's Avenue, Bronx, New York. “Even in the toughest times people can find something to smile about.” During the great Depression the gap between the rich and the poor grew. Many Americans didn’t have enough money to buy what all the factories were producing and relied on credit. They started buying things that they couldn’t afford. The factories started to fail and many got laid off. With no money left to spend the conditions in cities began to fall. With no money left, some were left without good cloths, food, and homes.


Created with images by young shanahan - "Commerating the Great Depression."

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