The Simple Life Has Technology taken over?

Technology seems to be everywhere you look these days. People of all ages have phones in their pocket, access to text and internet anytime they want it. While sitting in separate rooms in the same household, family members will text each other instead of actually speaking to one another. One has to ask themselves if this overabundance of technology is making a negative effect on our world.

Socially, our technology is hindering verbal communication skills and emotional connections with one another. According to a research study by the University of California, all the time that children are spending with screens in front of their faces are causing an insensibility to the emotions of other. The lack of face to face interaction is becoming a lost art.

Technology affects how our brains are learning, according to Psychology Today. In simpler times, without all the technology, brains learned by focusing and creative and imaginations were involved. The vast use of technology causes our brain to quickly scan text. The skill of focus and the use of an imagination is fading away.

What does this mean for our educational systems? Do schools need to rethink putting technology into the hands of all of their students? To encourage more social face to face communication,time limits should be set per day for technology use for 3-18 year old.



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