Coach V's Cottage By Holden W.


For a Math Project we were assigned to design a dream cottage for Coach V. The cottage could be a maximum of 10 by 10 meters long, and we had to create it in tinker cad. First we had to create a Blue Prints and for our Cottage, and a Side and Front View.

Here is my final Blue Print for the cottage.

There had to be a master bedroom, a Guest Bedroom, a Kitchen and a Living Room. The living room is 5 by 5 meters. The Master and Guest Bedroom 4 by 3 meters. The Bathroom is 2 by 2 meters.

The side view
The front view

Once the Blueprint was finished we made the Tinkercad. The Tinkercad was completely to Scale, so the cottage would be exactly the blueprints. The cottage also included a roof, and here are the pictures.

This is the finished house. It is to scale of the actual blue prints. The windows are placed in the correct areas and the rooms are all the right size.


Left Side


Right SIde

Calculations and Pricing

1. Painting the Wall

We need to find the Price of the Paint. To find it, we need to calculate the surface area of the outside walls. To set it up we first need to draw out every wall. Once we have drawn out the walls the dimensions have to be written. Once they are written you first take the area of the original wall and then subtract the windows from the wall. You aren't going to paint the windows.

After we have found the surface area, the next was to find the price. The total surface area was 68 meters squared. For every 40 meters squared, we had to buy one Can of Paint. The Can of Paint is worth 20 Euros. So we need to buy 2 cans, which will cost 40 Euros.

The Cost for Painting the Walls: 40 euros or 2 cans.

2. Roof Shingles

So now we need to figure out how much the roof shingles cost. We first need to find the area of the roof. So we Multiple 9x8. 9x8=72 we know that, so know we can find the cost. For every 10 meters squared, it costs 90 Euros, so what we do is Divide by 10 then Multiple by 90. Is 648 Euros.

Working Out

3. Heating

To find the price of heating for the entire cottage, we need to find the volume of the house. We multiple Height times Width times Length. For each Cubic Meter (Per Month) it cost 1.5 Euros. So to Heat the cottage for one month, it cost 324 Meters.

The Total Costs:

  1. Wall Painting: 40 Euros
  2. Roof Shingles: 648
  3. Heating (Per Month): 324 Euros

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