The Book Thief Themes

Theme 1: Suffering Builds Character

"Every night, Liesel would nightmare"(62).

These nightmares are terrifying Liesel. An example of her dreams is that she can't seem to control them in any way. But, they have brought her closer to her dead brother, and have made her able to endure more. It's bittersweet. Liesel doesn't like discussing these dreams to anyone. She finds a way to let go of her terrifying past and turns her nightmares in strength which she uses to continue living and helping others.

Everybody suffers in their own way shape or form. Liesel suffers because her brother died and she had to leave her mother behind. Liesel's all alone, but she doesn't let it get to her. She focuses on the good in her life and what she's passionate about. Whenever she feels stressed or upset in any way, her outlet is reading. Whenever Liesel reads, the words she speaks allow her to escape reality and enter a small moment of pure bliss. This helps her cope with everything going on.

Theme 2:

Liesel Loves books. Her love for books is immense she's even willing to be burned, just so she can have the chance to cherish every word written on those pages. When it comes to books, Liesel has a very strong relationship with them. Whenever she's given the chance to read something, she see's it as one of the best gifts she could ever receive.

I enjoyed the way 'Rita Dove" wrote her poem. She gives a brief explanation on the qualities of a book. It said "Sure it's hard to get started, remember learning to use..." I really enjoy this because she vaguely states that everybody has to start somewhere. You have to work hard and stay focused if you want things to come easier to you. This poem shows how books are related to life and at first it can be hard to get into it, but as you continue on and push forwards, it becomes easier to keep going. It shows that books are like life, and life is a gift. Each one of us is given the opportunity to write our own book of life.

Theme 3: Being courageous pays off

"I just wish i was like Jesse Owen's, papa" (60)

Rudys father was not please that Rudy wanted to be like Jesse Owens. Rudys identifies himself with Jesse Owens because he's a world class runner. Jessie Owens gives Rudy the courage to follow his dreams. As a runner, Rudy sees Jessie Owens as an idol and he shows Rudy to have courage to do what he wants to do.

In the article, "though many fans and athletles were less than friendly when Robinson first broke the MLB color barrier, he is now favorably remembered as an American hero. In fact he is so well respected, his number, 42 was retired by every team in the MLB during the 1997 season - the 50th anniversary of his first season. Robinson was also remembered in 1982 when he became the first baseball player to have his image on a U.S. postage stamp." Jackie Robinson is a great example of another black athlete who wanted to make a difference and a change while being courageous through the opposition placed before him. In today's time, we all have heroes. People that we admire and want to be like. If Rudy tries his hardest and believes in himself, he could be great one day like other major athletes.


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