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November 2018 saw the inaugural Baton Awards recognise pioneering, game-changing women, from Britain's BAME communities, as we celebrated and acknowledged their impact and influence, in their various fields.

November 2019 will mark the 2nd year of The Batons, and we hope you will support the initiative by becoming a sponsor of this important and necessary accolade, for the future of this country.

The Baton Awards will strategically schedule a marketing and advertising campaign via multiple communication channels, including print, digital and broadcast media, to ensure it captures the right audience, whilst also targeting and securing local and international press, prior to the event.

The Baton Awards 2019

7pm | Thursday 29 November 2019

The House of Lords, Westminster, London

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring The Baton Awards 2019 aligns your brand with innovation, excellence, success and legacy. It will position your business in front of leading BAME business leaders, key influencers and emerging stars alike.

The Baton Awards offers effective marketing, branding and sponsorship opportunities including:

  • Your brand included in high-profile, consistent advertising, e-mail marketing and promotional material and collateral
  • Coverage and branding on the Baton Awards website
  • Editorial coverage across The Baton Awards publication
  • Pre & Post-event PR and promotional opportunities
  • Extensive use of your branding during the awards ceremony
  • Your branding incorporated within the video roll at the ceremony
  • Your logo will remain on the awards website for up to six months after the event
  • Coverage in the high quality, keepsake programme of events
  • A double-page editorial spread in The Baton Awards publication covering the awards, with reference to your sponsorship and inclusion of your branding
  • Complimentary access passes for members of your business to attend the pre-Awards, semi-finalist announcement event
  • Complimentary access passes for members of your business to attend the Awards ceremony

Why Sponsor The Baton Awards 2019?

Being a sponsor of The Baton Awards 2019 represents true value for a social and meaningful cause, by offering a whole host of branding, networking and opportunities in print, online and face-to-face at the event.

Not only do The Baton Awards allow you to align your brand with excellence in our industry, they offer an unparalleled chance to network and entertain clients in a high-profile, fun and rewarding environment.

Long-term brand affiliation with the Baton Awards will generate strong brand recognition, ensuring leading individuals recognise your company. Your presence at the awards evening, where you present an award in person and host a central table, further ensures that existing and potential customers witness your industry standing and your importance in the BAME community.

The exclusive surroundings of the Awards venue and an invited audience of leading individuals provides the ideal occasion to promote your positive efforts. In addition, the attention afforded to these benchmark awards, and the seniority of our targeted readership, provides the widest possible audience engagement for a related launch PR campaign. We would also be delighted to speak with you about any partnership that would have mutual benefit with the event.

The Baton Awards is unique in its long-term approach to supporting young BAME award winners. Recipients not only receive an impressive award from their industry torchbearer, they also receive hands-on mentoring over a period of three months of the torchbearer's commitment to supporting the growth and progress of their recipient. This ongoing support is the reason The Batons Award stands apart from other ceremonies; it is not only a celebration of BAME achievements past and present but a solid investment of time in the spirit of ‘sending the elevator back down’.

A percentage of all proceeds raised will go to Domestic Abuse charity, Strength With In Me Foundation (S.W.I.M).


The Baton Awards 2019

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Award Categories

Campaigner Award

Creative Industry Award

Entrepreneur of the Year

Excellence in Media Award

International BAME Woman Award

Lord Hastings Integrity Award

Political Figure Award

Professional Services Award

Services to Education Award

Sportswoman of The Year

STEM Trailblazer Award

Third Sector of the Year

Thought Leader Award

Special Category: Founders 'Against All Odds' Award

"The Baton Awards is a wonderful moment to recognise genuine and consistent commitment from individuals who are fighting to build a stronger more generous society. I was thrilled to discover the Baton Awards and honoured to get involved in enabling better recognition of people’s character as well as BAME activity and in my own small way, to add to someone’s compelling effort, my humble respect and appreciation." - Lord Dr Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE

The Baton Awards, launched in November 2018, is a platform which recognises and celebrates BAME women of Past, Present and Future in Britain, who demonstrate outstanding achievements.

By acknowledging these pathfinders and simultaneously inspiring future pioneers across diverse sectors, The Baton Awards aims to raise the bar and the profile, for high-achieving BAME young women of the future.

In 2017, a review by the Equality and Human Rights Commission showed that Black and ethnic minority women in Britain still face entrenched racial inequality in many areas, including education and health, employment, housing, pay and criminal justice where they had discovered an alarming picture.

The 60-page Race Disparity Audit highlights the ‘shocking extent of discrimination in the U.K’.

Barely 3% of Britain’s most powerful and influential people are BAME and in a list of over 1,000 of the UK’s top political, financial, judicial, cultural and security figures only 3.4% were BAME... with just 0.7% of them BAME women. BAME) women face a “double disadvantage”.

BAME women need recognition, support and celebration; more than this, they need a hands-on impactful approach that makes a tangible difference.

The Baton Awards are based firmly upon the concept of ‘sending the elevator back down’. The awards simultaneously acknowledge BAME female achievers and honour some of the BAME women who made their achievements possible by paving the way.

The Batons, 2018

The Baton Awards 2018


2018 Winners

The Objective

The Baton Awards aims to celebrate, encourage, Inspire and acknowledge achievements in several pioneering fields, by:

  • Recognising the important role of young people and their predecessors in communities, locally and globally.
  • Acknowledging the progress made by minorities in fields that are challenging and difficult to access.
  • Encouraging efforts to improve access to opportunities and resources to assist them in developing in their field and inspiring others.
  • Identifying individuals and organisations that offer grants and resources to support the socio- economic development of individuals in their fields.

The Baton Awards aims to inspire by:

  • Promoting exemplary role models, individuals and organisations to initiate and actively engage in all projects, aiming at developing the next generation and building their potential.
  • Inviting young people to attend and watch the event; by watching achievers of all ages being handed a Baton by the original game-changers.
  • More than just an award, this is an inspiring, motivating and very meaningful gesture.

The Baton Awards aims to acknowledge

  • The predecessors who made the achievements of modern generations possible, by paving the way with their courage, sense of self and persistence.
  • The actions that reinforce and strengthen the role of the next generation as essential contributors to society as well as agents of change and development.

Why The Baton Awards?

"Your legacy is every life you’ve ever touched." - Oprah Winfrey

2018 was hailed ‘The Year of The Woman’ and that is the circle of progress that The Baton Awards 2018 was based firmly upon.

The Baton Awards will continue to simultaneously acknowledge the UK’s BAME female achievers whilst honouring the role models whom have made their achievements possible by paving the way.

These awards will celebrate progress and recognise BAME women from diverse communities in the UK who demonstrate outstanding achievements.

The evening will raise funds for children’s charity, Strength With In Me Foundation (S.W.I.M); the Domestic Abuse charity that works toward building a generation of empowered females.

"Recent campaigns such as #MeToo have shown us that change is happening, but it’s a slow process. Unfortunately, as BAME women, this process is even slower. As a collective, we have to constantly push it and move it forward. We have to stand together from every corner of the planet and empower one another’s efforts in a bid to show the world what we are made of." - Founder, Dr Diahanne Rhiney BCAe

The Baton Awards 2018 have been carefully planned to fall around International Human Rights Defenders Day (29 November) and during 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence. It has been designed not only to inspire BAME women, by celebrating young pioneers and innovators, but to activate change at a grassroots level and create a surge in the myriad of industries that aren’t being accessed by the female BAME community.

Winners receive their Baton Award, from one of the pioneering predecessors (torchbearers) in the field they have succeeded in, and receive ongoing mentoring from their BAME industry pioneer.


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