XamXam LIONZ the Esport x Sport Team from Africa

An international, inclusive, innovative vision of the times that has taken shape in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Benin and Madagascar in the form of an Olympic dream around esport & sport into an african perspective value

XamXamLIONZ Team Captain - Fighting games specialist PRO GAMER Artur TIEMTORE , 23 Years Old , IT Student from BURKINA FASO - Intel World Open , Tokyo 2020 Event Esport Official Partner 2021 Qualified. Orange Esport Experience 2021 StreetFighter V BURKINA FASO National Champion

XamXamLIONZ Simulation Racing Car games specialist PRO GAMER - Rodolf-Therence ONDO-OBIANG , 33 Years Old , Father , IT Engineer at CFAO Motors TOYOTA Group BURKINA FASO from GABON - The TOYOTA GAME ENGINE SA , TOYOTA South Africa Official Esport Event Flagship Qualified

Kofi Sika LATZOO , 38 Years Old , XamXam LIONZ Esport x Sport Team , Founder & Coach. www.GAMECAMPCITIES.pro Agency Founder & Creative Director from TOGO - Microsoft Education Esports Leader certified 2021 , GIZ/BMZ Gamification Consultant certified 2015 , British Council Creative Enterprise Business Skills certified 2010.