Conservation Michael Dippolito

The United States protects its natural resources through the creation of the Endangered Species Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Endangered Species Act

  • More animals are being given safe homes for them to live in.
  • More "throw away" animals are being taking into homing shelters to be cared for.
  • Animals that can not be legally owned are getting more space for them to live in.


  • Parks were created so people would play in the wild which could lead to injury.
  • Allows for animals to feel like they have a true home.
  • People have been helping with this act just by picking trash off of the ground and throwing it out.
Filthy Water & Clean Water

Safe Drinking Water Act

  • Allows aquatic animals to survive for a long period of time.
  • Chemicals and waste is being removed from oceans.
  • We have filtration devices to help prevent getting sick of infections.


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