India Cell center

The population in India is up to about 1,266,883,598 the ranking is second in the world. The Urban Population in India is about 32.75 in 2015. The meaning of the Urban Population in India means they live in one main area because there are a lot of people which means there will be a lot of jobs and trade and a lot of things to buy. The Children Demographics in India is the ranking is first place. The number of children that makes up the Indian population is about 440 million children make up Indias population. 50% of the children population in India don't go to school regularly. About 27 million children are born each year in India and about nearly 2 million don't live to see 5 years of age. Much of this is caused by starvation. Over 200 million people are suffering from starvation in India.

Schooling in India is bad. The majority of children are enrolled in school ,but up to half of the students don't attend regularly. After five years of classes fewer than 60% of the children can read a short story or do a simple math equation.


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