Nelson Mandela The peaceful fight against aparthEid

Hello, this is Nelson Mandela. I have just been released after 27 years in a prison with little communication to the outside world. I was arested for speaking out against apartheid and that is why I am writing to you today. The fight against aparthied is not over. We must continue to peacfully resist, but in order to do that we must understand the history behind the hate that caused apartheid.

Although my country gained autonomy from Great Britian in 1934, the effects of imperialism lasted in South Africa. Dutch (white) settlers called Afrikaners had total control over the government and they decided to impose the social policy known as apartheid in 1948.

Apartheid not only segregates social classes by black and white, but it also legally forbids inter-marriage between colored people and whites. Everywhere you walk in South Africa you will see examples of this segregation, separated bathrooms, schools, and even hospitals. Politically, only white people are allowed to vote.

It always seems impossible until it's done

Although it may seem unlawful for an entire race to suffer these abuses, Apartheid is entirely legal. The current South African government supports the unequal separartion of races.

The fight is not without supporters. In 1912 black South Africans formed the ANC (African National Congress). The ANC organizes strikes and boycotts against racist policies. One particularly bad riot that broke out in Soweto, left 600 students dead.

Although apartheid is terribly unfair and cruel, we cannot fight with our fists. We must fight with our words and our peacful actions. Much like Gandhi, we must peacfully protest the unjust laws placed upon us.

For speaking out against apartheid, I was imprisoned for the past 27 years. My dear friend and president of South Africa F.W. DeKlerk freed me and I thank him for that. However there is still much work left to done against apartheid.


I have just been elected president in the first ever free election where all people could vote. This effectively marks the end of apartheid as a political policy. Just last year DeKlerk and I earned the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for our efforts to end apartheid and bring a full democracy to South Africa. It is important that we thank each and every person who joined the fight against apartheid, because each hand that resisted peacfully belongs to a person who helped us finally win.


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