Venture High School Literary Magazine We build and cultivate a haven of creativity and expression from our students.

Student poetry, short stories, art pieces, photography, motion design, videography, music, and more. This sites purpose is to represent the diversity and individuality of these students


Thank you to all the students & teachers that participate in our Literary Magazine each year!

Venture High School Literary Magazine 2021-22 is currently looking for submissions for our Fall 2021 Edition - The Witching Hour! Click the "Submit Your Work" below and publish your work today.

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Get seen, be heard, and show your creative side. The Literary Magazine accepts all kinds of creative work from students drawings, paintings, sculptures, short stories, poetry, photography, graphic design, motion design, videography, music, audio pieces... etc.


DeLa’s sister - DeLaini Moss, 2018 Burn love letters, not fossil fuels. - Madeline Felix, 2019 Winter Wolf - Lindy Myers, 2018