Bridge Building By katie ray


  • 1 Bottle of Elmers glue
  • 310 Popsicle sticks
  • 50 Paper clips
  • 15 Rubber bands
  • 30 inches of Styraphome
  • Yard stick
  • Newspaper

Middle Supports

Step 1: Lay a piece of newspaper out on a flat surface

Step 2: have your popsicle sticks, glue, and paper clips on hand

Step 3: Lay 3 popsicle sticks into a triangle formation overlapping on the corners only.

Step 4: Put a dot of glue on each end of the popsicle stick; make sure the dot of glue is on the same side of each popsicle stick

Step 5: Glue the popsicle sticks together in the same way you had them laid out.

Step 6: Attach a paper clip to each corner of the triangle to hold it together.

Step 7: Allow glue to dry for 1-2 hours

Step 8: remove paper clips when the glue has fully dried.

Bottom Beam

Step 1: Lay a piece of newspaper on a flat surface

Step 2: Measure and mark out 35 inches onto your newspaper

Step 3: Lay approximately 7 popsicle sticks next to each other going horizontally.

Step 4: Take another popsicle stick and put a line of glue across the entire flat part of the stick.

Step 5: Place the stick evenly onto the bottom layer of popsicle sticks while the glue is still wet.

Step 6: Add a paper clip to each popsicle stick for support.

Step 7: Allow the glue to dry for 1-2 hours. Be sure to leave the paper clips on until glue is fully dry.

Step 8: Repeat these steps to make a 2 more layers. You should have a total of 4 sticks thick. (IMAGE)

Step 9: Repeat steps 1-8 to make a second bottom beam

Top Beams

Step 1: Lay out newspaper on a flat surface

Step 2: Lay 6 sticks horizontally next to each other as you did for the bottom beams.

Step 3: Apply glue to one side of the stick; you will need to put glue on the entire flat part of the stick.

Step 4: Put the popsicle stick with wet glue evenly on top of the sticks laying flat onto the table. Continue steps 3 and 4 until all of the bottom sticks are supported by a top stick.

Step 5: Attach 1 paperclip on each of the popsicle sticks; don't remove until sticks are fully dry.

Step 6: Allow 1-2 hours for the glue to dry; don't remove until sticks are fully dry.

Putting the pieces together

Step 1: Have your triangles and your beams ready and fully dry (remove paperclips)

Step 2: On a flat surface, lay your bottom beam down horizontally.

Step 3: About 3-4 inches above, lay your top beam down horizontally.

Step 4: Lay your triangle on top of the 2 beams. The point of your triangle should be overlapping the top beam and the base of your triangle should lay flat on your bottom beam or base.

Step 5: Put glue on one side of the base of the triangle. On the same side, put a dot on glue onto the point of the triangle and attach it to the top and bottom beams.

Step 6: Attach a paperclip onto the base of your triangle ands your bottom beam. Also, attach a paperclip to connect the point of your triangle and your top team

Step 7: Repeat step 5 and 6 until you have attached 7 triangles.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1-7 to attach your pieces to make a second wall of your bridge.

Connecting the walls of the bridge

Step 1: Have your 35 inch piece of styraphome, the 2 bridge walls, popsicle sticks, glue, and rubber bands ready.

Step 2: Lay out newspaper on a flat surface.

Step 3: Put the styraphome in between your bridge walls.

Step 4: While holding the styraphome and the walls together, put about 7-10 rubber bands evenly around the pieces.

Step 5: Put your yard stick over the styraphome but under the rubber bands on the bottom of the bridge.

Know we are going to attach the popsicle sticks that will hold the 2 walls together.

Step 6: Hold your bridge horozontally so that the bottom of the bridge is facing upwards.

Step 7: Lift the yard stick. Slide a popsicle stick under the yard stick and rubberband. Make sure the popsicle stick is going the opposite way of the bridge to the it is connecting the walls.

Step 8: Space the popsicle sticks approximately 1 inch apart.

Step 9: Once you have your sticks laid out you are ready to glue. Gently lift the stick up and put a dot a glue where it touches each of the walls.

It is okay if the yard stick presses against the popsicle. It will help it be stable.

Step 10: Repeat steps 1-9 until the bridge fully co plate and has a popsicle stick 1 inch apart from each other.

Step 11: Repeat steps 1-10 to do the same to the top of the bridge.

Step 12: Once the bridge is fully dry, remove the rubber bands and heard stick from each side.

You are now done with your warren bridge!!

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