June Line Straarup  Student at VUC Syd Haderslev

  • My full name is June Line Straarup
  • I'm a 32 year single mother.
  • My daughter, Isabella, is 5 years old she is the biggest love of my life.
  • As a person I consider myself to be very open and outgoing , cooperative, open to new ideas, creative and generally a positive woman and I always see the best things in people.
  • From day-care to the 9th grade
  • the quiet girl
  • never said anything in class
  • really tough time
  • was too shy to raise my hand in class
I remember it like it was yesterday, that I could not stop coloring my note books!! When I took out my markers, I could not stop again. Only when my teacher suddenly shouted "Line you may NOT draw in my class !!! " Then I was embarrassed and looked down at my book. I have always been looked at as the shy and quiet student who had never done anything in class, except drawing

  • As a student, I never felt that I received the right help to improve.
  • The only place I could express myself was by being “creative”. It was through art that I felt free and accepted, but it was never noticed from the class or teacher.

Business Should in 2013

  • I want to do something with my life
  • I would get an education, not only for me, but also for my daughter. I want to show Isabella that it's so important to get an education, although it requires sweat and tears.
  • All my life, I have jumped from one program to another because I never felt good enough to do ANYTHING ......

But I did it !!!!!!

  • was so proud of myself
  • my family was too.
  • But because I could not find an apprenticeship in trade, plus the working hours are very long, I had to think of other options now that I'm alone with my daughter.

So I chose VUC Syd in Haderslev

  • I could find out which other options I had
  • When I began at the adult education center in the summer of 2014, I have found many new sides of myself, that I can do more than I ever knew.
  • The apps we have at school has really developed my game a lot.

The apps I whilly like


  • has taught me to write more, to want to do some good work as I can be creative with the outline at the same time.


  • Great challenge for me.
  • Keynote allows me to be more creative and I have found it easier to express myself
  • The apps on iPad has really given me the "opportunities" to develop my academic level, because I have an open choice in how to set up my projects.

Adobe Comp

SketchBook Express

  • Our teachers are also more open to this kind of work, so I have developed a lot from the time I started to now.

I love to attend VUC Syd ,Haderslev

  • because the school gives me opportunities to develop myself in the best way.
  • I can learned that the work I'm doing is good enough and I feel part of a community.
  • Not only as a part of the Light House class but also as a part of the school, because I’m appreciated as a person and the work I put into my studies at HF ​​Light House.
  • I can highly recommend VUC as it gives you more opportunities to develop yourself in many other ways than the traditional school system.
  • The adult education center has room for everyone, even students with low academic standards can achieve.
My old Class HF Street

My dream is to become a photographer

  • but since this is not possible because the program can only be taken in Viborg or Copenhagen
  • I have chosen to enroll in other directions which can develop my creativity and my desire to get an education that 's right for me .
iPhoto App
School of Visual Communication
  • But after I have talking with my learning Troels , I thought to enter the School of Visual Communication located in Haderslev.
  • I think it is the best choice for me if I want to achieve my dreams in life and that is to work with something like that interest me and that is to use my hands and express my feelings on the creative way .
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