Behind the Forest The Philomathesian Society's community art project

The Philomathesian Society made a resolution: That art is a treasure of our existence that everyone should have an opportunity to experience. This intrepid group of students aimed to live up to that resolution by creating a community-based art project on the well-traveled trail between campus and Reynolda Village.

"Art for everyone was the central theme for this project."

- Elliott W. Powers, Philomathesian President

The Philomathesian Society was determined to make a project that was engaging and inviting to the Wake Forest community at large, hoping to showcase what students and faculty are up to "Behind the Forest."

Behind the Forest

They came up with the idea of connecting people and places visually through a chain of body tracings that began at the WFU entrance and continued to the village.This visual chain linked together the outlines of students and other passersby, and these connections were made using the simplest of artistic tools: sidewalk chalk.

"Elliott contacted me regarding the Philomathesian's interest in an art themed project with a focus on the trail to the Reynolda village. Elliott's enthusiasm is contagious!"

-Professor Leigh Ann Hallberg

The mission was to foster community and build a community legacy in an interdisciplinary way. Behind the Forest aimed to set a precedent for future Philomathesian key events, with support and shared learning from all avenues of the Wake Forest community.

"With the support of Prof. Hallberg and her life drawing class, as well as those who walked the Reynolda Trails we hoped to highlight Wake Forest Art and its meaningful impact on our community."

-Elliott Powers

The idea was to demonstrate that 'Art is for Everyone!'

-Professor Leigh Ann Hallberg

Professor Hallberg's Life Drawing students were particularly inspired by the project and had great fun creating various configurations of connection. Passersby were intrigued and sometimes were game to get traced.

"It was awesome to see the community bond through this project and we look forward to next year!"

-Elliott Powers

Behind The Forest project was a long term commitment from Philomathesian Team and Wake Forest community and support was provided by Prof. Leigh Ann Hallberg, Paul Bright, Jennifer Finkel, Paul Sheff, (Students) Cassidy Noble, Otto Diez, and Gabbie DiTraglia, the (Philomathesian Leadership team) as well support from Reynolda Village Penny Path Cafe owner Miro Buzov.