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Indonesia is in the southern, northern, and eastern hemisphere. The. Countries and ocean that are borders Indonesia are Malaysia, East Timor, Pacific and Indian Ocean. There capital is Jakarta and have the coordinates of (4°s,100°e).

Jakarta is indoniesia capital

It is mostly a tropical area with few mountains. It is very hot there because it is on a the equater.

Indonesia population is 253,609,643 which is ranked 4th in the world's which is really large. It is has a really big population denisity at 375 people/ mi sq. It has a fast growth rate at .988% and a really fast rate is 1%. The five largest city's are Jakarta (10.19 million people ),Surabaya in Jawa Timor (2.765 million people), Banouyg in Jawa Barat (2.575 million people), Benkasi in Jawa Barat (2.663 million people), Medan in Sumatera Utoru (2.098 million people). Most of there people live in a urban house. There net migration rate is -1.18 migrants/ 1000 population meaning per a thousand people only 1.18 people are leaving the country on average.

The darker the country is the higher the population density.

Indonesia are a developing country because a small amount at 5,200 dollars a year which is low compared to the U.S.A at 58,000. They also have a low literacy rate at 92.8% while the U.S.A is at 99% which is good because it is over 95%.last they have a life exceptacy at 72.17 years and that's low compared to the U.S.A which is at 78 years. This all means they are a developing country.

The top 3 Indonesian landmarks are the the Monas in Jakarta where you get to see the Indonesia history, there is also the clock tower in South Sumatra where visitors can sit down in a clock like Big Ben in London but smaller and it fells like your sitting In a court in New York while enjoying the cool air, last there is the Amperc bridge in South Sumatra where people come to see it illuminate at night.

Some popular sports are soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, surfing, and Speak Takraw( a game like vollyball ball but with a smaller ball and only can be hit with head, knees, chest and feet). Some traditional sports are penacak ( a fighting game from Indonesia with various martial arts styles), Sepak Bola Api (a game like soccer but the ball is a flaming fireball), and Makepung ( a dancing buffalo competition from Bali).

Here is some good Indonesian food and what it taste like. 1st we have the Indonesian satay ( which is a meat skewer with rice cakes and peanut sauce). 2nd there is the beff densing ( it is spicy and rich in flavor it is simaller to the curry but with out the broth). 3rd Indonesia has Indonesian fried rice ( which is dipped in a soy sauce called key cap gatmishen with acar pulled with carrots and cucumber).

4th we have is called Nasi Rawsonk ( has a nutty flavor and has its color from kelwak nuts and is rich in flavor). Last they have Pempek( it is fried fish sprinkle with shrimp powder served with cuka a dipping sauce made from vinegar, chilli, and sugar).


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