Let's fly through Outer Space!!! Made for Mrs. Knight's Preschool Class

The universe is so big that scientists have no known way to measure how big it really is...

We are part of the Milky Way galaxy...

While we live in the Milky Way galaxy, there are still many more galaxies out there in outer space.

The Sun is the star in our galaxy... Earth is actually 93 million miles away from it!

The actually has something called solar flares that the Earth's magnetic field protects us from...

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun...

Because of it's closeness to the Sun, the temperature is too hot for people to live on Mercury.

The second planet away from the Sun is Venus

Earth is the 3rd planet away from the Sun.

Earth is the only planet that we know of that is capable of sustaining life. It is just the right distance away from the Sun to keep the Earth's temperature's within the right range.

Earth has one moon... We have made trips to this moon before! There is even an American Flag on the Moon!

Mars is the 4th planet away from the sun... Scientists believe that there was once water on Mars... So they are consistently checking Mars for signs of life...

Scientists have been put a robotic car on the surface of Mars to investigate further.

This is a picture that a Mars Rover has sent back to NASA of a dune on Mars.

The 5th planet away from the Sun is Jupiter.

Jupiter is known as a gas giant, and it is two and half times bigger than all of the other plants in our solar system combined! Jupiter is known to have 62 moons!
These are just some of Jupiter's moons. They even have their own names!

The 6th planet from the Sun is Saturn.

Saturn is also known to have 62 moons, and they all have their own names as well!!

The 7th planet from the Sun is Uranus.

Uranus isn't visible to the naked eye. It was the first planet that was discovered by the use of a telescope... It also rotates around the Sun on its side. Uranus has a total of 27 moons!
These are just some of Uranus's moons.

The 8th planet from the Sun is Neptune.

Neptune has a total of 14 known moons...

There is a dwarf planet named Pluto,

Pluto does have moons... Scientists have more questions about Pluto's moons then they do about Pluto.

That is all for now, but stayed tuned for more information about the awesomeness that is Outer Space!

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