Exploring Technology By: Kylie FInkelstein

This year in technology we have completed the impossible puzzle, color your kitchen, building a house on sketch up, made the wind turbine, engineering go for it, and watched the billions in change video all individually.

We made wind turbines out of paper. The skill we learned was how to make wind turbines with paper and we also learned how to use a wind meter to measure the speed of the fan when put on the settings low medium and high.
In the very beginning of the year we did something called the impossible puzzle where we had to take pieces of paper and form them into different shapes. This made us think a lot because we had to make 3D shapes out of paper which seemed impossible hence the impossible puzzle.
We used this program called sketch up. We learned how to use the program using informational videos. We colored kitchens and began to build houses. This program is often used by interior designers or architects to see the layout of a house for example.
We watched a video called billions in change which was about a man who created 5 hour energy named Manoj Bhargarva. He created a machine that was like a stationary bike but when you pedaled for an hour it gave electricity to someone in need of it.


Created with images by hugorouffiac - "new york red yellow" • tpsdave - "wind farm farm rural" • olgaberrios - "puzzle" • labnol - "Google Sketchup Video" • kevin dooley - "The slums of Pachuca"

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