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What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

Centripetal forces unite the nations that belong to the EU supranational cooperation. One way the EU united the European nations is by promoting a cultural identity. For example the EU culture has it’s own flag, national anthem, and Europe day. The EU wants Europeans and the world to view Europe as one united region. Another economic centripetal force is that the EU allows increased travel across it’s borders. By having open borders people have more choices in what to buy and since there's no tariffs on EU goods prices are lower. The centripetal forces of the EU has removed barriers that once made Europe very divided.

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What makes a good citizen?

A good citizen is a legal member that is a part of a community like a state, city, or country and they perform their personal duties and social responsibilities. An example of being a good citizen is a good citizen does his or her responsibilities like paying taxes and obeying the law. Citizens have rights like freedom of speech and the right to vote. An example of being a good citizen is a good citizen does his or her responsibilities like paying taxes and obeying the law. Some responsibilities you don’t have to do but he or her should do them. Another example is he or her should protect public safety and to tolerate others. These are some examples about what a good citizen is.

What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

There are many effective styles of government but dictatorship is the most effective form of government. Dictatorship is a form of unlimited government. Dictatorship is the most effective style of government when getting things done because dictators have all the control. For this reason, a decision can happen more quickly and smoothly. For example the dictator is the law maker so it is easier to create, and directly enforce laws. A dictator doesn't have to check with anyone. In a time of conflict the government can respond more quickly. Another example is dictators can make all the decisions and the citizens do not have any rights or say. This is effective because the dictator can just make a decision and they're done, and you can get things done more quickly. Even though this type of government is effective dictators usually don't represent their citizens.

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