Kill seeker By: savannah mcgee

The purpose of battlebots are to make a bot and destroy the others and win. The reason we are building this bot was because in English we were asked to build and write about a it in groups of 2, or 3. My partners were Tyler and Gage. The name of our bot was Killseeker. We chose this name because we thought that the purpose of our bot was to destroy other bots. The purpose of this project was to build a bot that would be able to fight (or look like it). Killseeker is a decent looking battlebot because it is durable, has good defence, and had a decent design.

Killseeker is a decent battlebot because it is durable. Killseeker is durable because it was made out of cardboard and a hard base. The cardboard was thick and kind of hard to cut through, and the base was a scooter so it had wheels that let it move around. For example, when we fought the bots some tried to get our bot with just hitting the cardboard. But when they tried to attack us it took a while because the cardboard was thick enough. Because Killseeker was made of cardboard I had an ok defensive armour. That is why Killseeker is durable.

Killseeker is a decent battlebot is because it has good defence. The reason it had good defence is because of the cardboard. The reason the cardboard was a good use was because cardboard isn’t really easy to cut through. Another reason was because of the weapon design and idea of how it works. The reason the weapons were a good ‘defence’ was because while we made them and added them we thought about how they were supposed to be used. It was also made out of cardboard so that kind of added an extra layer of protection. An example of why it has good defence is because the cardboard was used to protect the base and it did a good job. Killseeker is a decent bot because of it's defence.

Killseeker is decent bot because it had a decent design. The reason Killseeker had a decent design was because we didn’t try to make it as boring as just having cardboard. For the design we had was a scooter as the base and glued on cardboard for the defense and put weapons and other things on it so it wouldn’t be to boring. We had the base be a scooter so that our bot could move around a bit and not just stay in one place. When we added the weapons we tried to make them look cool and not too boring. After we made the weapons, we put them on the bot to make it look fun, sort of, we also added a sock monkey that was supposed to be like a mascot-ish thing. Killseeker was decent looking because of the way the design was made.

Killseeker was one of the decent looking battlebot because it is durable, has good defence, and had a decent design. Because of it's defence and being about to move, Killseeker is very durable. Killseeker was hard to take apart because of it's good defence. Because of it's design, Killseeker didn’t look all to boring and had a decent look to it. Still want to know what a decent battle bot looks like? It's the Killseeker!

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