Effective New Creative Solutions "Inspiring the mind so dreams can thrive." One story, one brand at a time.

Humanity is connected by one thing: storytelling. It is the thread that weaves a quilt we all cover ourselves in and resonate with since the beginning of time. Most all, what we seek for in every story is the inspiration and hope reminding us of the innate purpose we share collectively; that is, to live the best life possible.


Contributing Writing: $250 (up to 500 words) .25 per additional word

Consulting $250/hour

Book Ghostwriting: 1-year contract of writing services $1500 (monthly)

$3500 (quarterly)

$6000 (semi annually)

$10,000 (1-time payment) *$8000 savings

As founder and leader of ENC Solutions, Temeka Stanley is a hard working kind hearted professional. She goes above and beyond expectations. She brings forth her innovative ideas with action behind it. She is understanding and is easy to work with. Her professionalism is outstanding. ~Tiffany Boyle, CEO of Emerge Magazine
  • 2016 Contributing Writer for 4 time Grammy Nominated George Nash Brand: True Music Group
  • 2017 Contributing Reporter and Writer Emerge Magazine Summer Issue
  • 2017 Communications Writer Newport News Commission of the Revenue 2017 Campaign
  • 2018 Contributing Ghostwriter Terri Matthews Brands Inc.
  • 2018 Contributing Ghostwriter "On the Spectrum" Online TV Show
  • 2018 Contributing Ghostwriter Jadens Voice Inc, 501(c)3
  • 2019 ENC Spotlight Series (upcoming)
  • 2019 "Never Too Old to Go For Gold," by Teddie Jones Sr. (upcoming)

Effective New Creative Solutions is pleased to know your interests in servicing your brand. We are here to help everyone live their best life. You deserve it as well as those you serve for.

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