The Collaboration Assignment Work with another student to improve your story

Important Information About This Assignment

Throughout this Journalism course, you will have opportunities to collaborate with your fellow classmates. View the Collaboration Presentation to get tips and guidelines for working together.

You are required to submit one collaboration assessment in each segment. If you choose to collaborate more than once, you will earn credit for only one collaboration activity.

Synchronous Collaboration

The easiest way to complete this assignment is to attend one of our Live Lessons. These lessons are offered once or twice each week. However, a lesson for each segment is only offered once per week. You are required to attend a lesson that corresponds to your CURRENT segment. See the chart below for more information.

Let's look at the image below. It was taken off of the FLVS Journalism dashboard in April of 2017. It is a calendar of Live Lessons that was held that month.

The calendar can be found on the dashboard.

What are the steps to attend a Live Lesson?

  • Go to the Dashboard and locate the calendar
  • Remember which segment you are currently enrolled
  • Determine when a suitable Live Lesson will be offered.
  • Get popcorn, a bottle of water, and other refreshments
  • Return to the dashboard on that day. Arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the lesson
  • Click on the title within the calendar date. For example, on April 18th, you would click on the red "Module 2 - Careers in Journalism" title.
  • Save and install the appropriate application
  • Log in with your complete name and teacher name.
  • Attend the entire lesson.
  • Participate (that means by chat, voice, and screen notations)
  • Stay until the end to be counted as having attended the lesson.
  • Collect the required assignment.
  • Complete the assignment.
  • Submit the assignment to your teacher.


  • What devices can be used to attend the Live Lesson?
  • A PC, Mac, Ipad, or other device running Blackboard Collaborate
  • Do I need a microphone?
  • No. It is not required, but it is helpful and appreciated if you do!
  • How can I communicate with the others if I don't have a microphone?
  • You can use the chat function of the program.
  • What do I do if I can't get the software to work?
  • Call the technical support desk.

Asynchronous Collaboration

In this segment, you also have the opportunity to participate in an asynchronous collaboration with one of your classmates. To participate in this collaboration, use the discussion board and/or email feature of the course to send a message to your classmates to find a peer review partner. Once you have found someone to work with, you will send your writing, and your classmate will review it using the Guide for Peer Review provided in the lesson.

Steps to complete a collaboration with another student

  • Find another student by sending an email to all the other students in the Journalism class.
  • Select the student you want to work with.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Determine which paper you will use for your collaboration. Select from the following list:
  • Lesson 01.03: Journalism Today (only if you are in segment one)
  • Lesson 02.05: Editing and Revising (only if you are in segment one)
  • Lesson 03.05: Revise Your Story (only if you are in segment two)
  • Lesson 04.06: Revise Your Argument (only if you are in segment two)
  • Once you have selected your paper, make sure you have written your paper before your send it to your partner.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Complete the appropriate GUIDE FOR PEER REVIEW FOR YOUR LESSON. (see the image below)
  • Answer the questions within that review while your are reviewing the paper.
  • Send this paper to your partner.
  • You will also need to send this file to your teacher for a grade.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Complete the Collaboration Reflection Worksheet (each question should be completed and submitted to your teacher).
Click on Journalism Today, Editing and Revising, Revise Your Story, or Revise Your Argument links to obtain the Guide for Peer Review and the Collaboration Reflection Worksheet for your lesson.

You will be sending TWO papers to your teacher. Each paper is worth 50 percent of your grade. Make sure that you complete and submit each of the following:

  • Guide for Peer Review
  • Collaboration Reflection Worksheet

Review the collaboration rubric to make sure you will earn a high grade.


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