Washington's Presidency Norah jarrahi

George Washington was the general for the U.S. army, had the opportunity to attend the Constitutional Conventions and was a delegate there. Since he had the opportunity to attend and work with many people such as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison etc. he had connections and had built trust among these people. Since he has a lot of experience making decisions that can benefit others, George Washington will do well being the president of the country because of experience with the army and Constitutional Conventions.

George Washington's cabinet is experienced and will do a good job of helping Washington run the country because each person was picked for a certain quality that is fit for the job they were given. For example Thomas Jefferson is the secretary of state because he has a good temper and is well spoken. The Secretary of State deals with working with other countries. Henry Knox was given the job of Secretary of War where he will be in charge of the army for country defense. Henry Knox was the military officer of the Continental Army giving a lot of experience with the army. The Secretary of Treasury was Alexander Hamilton. The Secretary of Treasury deals with the economy and financial security of the U.S. Alexander had many views of the nations bank making him have a lot of knowledge about money and what is best for the country. Lastly the Attorney General which is the nations top lawyer. This job was given to Edmund Randolph who was a lawyer.

Jefferson and Hamilton will be great cabinet members because they both have experience with each other, Washington and their field of work. Both Jefferson and Hamilton have qualities that make them good at what they do. Jefferson is the Secretary of State and he has a good temper that makes him have the ability to communicate with others well. He is also very well spoken. Hamilton is the Secretary of Treasury and he handles a lot of the money. He has a way with getting what he wants which can be helpful when dealing with economy and finances.

The elastic clause is vital for the country because in the event of an emergency, the government has to decide what will be best for the country. Some people may have different views but these views could be worse and more dangerous than what the government wants to happen.

Washington and Hamilton will pay off the war debts by tariffs. Tariffs are taxes on goods that are imported and exported. Anytime a country wants to send s us goods or vice versa they or we have to pay a tax which then goes to the government giving them the ability of pay off the war debt.

D.C. is a good location for the capitol of the U.S. because it is in the middle of the entire land owned by the U.S. So when there is ever a meeting people will swarm to the center of the U.S. and have a meeting there.


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