Newborn Guide Welcoming your baby's first days

Scheduling the shoot:

The most ideal time to do the session is when the baby is less than 14 days old. They are still in the deep sleep mode (when their tummy is full of course), and we’ll be able to move, fold and scrunch them into these newborn poses.

Best time of day to have the shoot:

All of our newborn sessions are anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, so we normally start right after lunch and shoot until late afternoon when there is still decent light coming through. Those few hours also include feeding time and “soothing” time in case baby gets fussy.

Ensuring your baby is asleep:

90% of the session, the baby will be in deep sleep and that’s when we can move and pose them. Be sure the baby is well fed prior to the session and he/she will fall asleep in no time!

Including family and pets:

It's best to include them either at the beginning or at the end of the session. That way we will have a more calm and quiet environment when we are doing the baby portion of the shoot.

Ensuring your baby is comfortable:

I will be doing a lot of naked shots of the baby so I highly recommend that you crank up the heat to 80 degrees at your house prior to my arrival. All of us may be sweating, but we want to make sure that the baby is nice and toasty.

Using props during the session:

I always like to have a consultation before the shoot so that I can learn more about you and incorporate what is most meaningful as well as any ideas that you have. Props are so much fun and are very welcome in these shoots.

What you should wear:

Wear anything that you normally would with a portrait session and something that is comfortable and simple. Solid colors usually work well, as big prints or anything with stripes and logos tend to be more distracting.

You're in good hands!

Andrea did the newborn photo shoot for my daughter and we couldn’t be happier! She captured some of the most precious moments to us and the photos she left us with were so special and beautiful.
Andrea is an exceptional photographer. I used her to do a baby shoot for one of our many packages and she did an amazing job!
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Andrea Maiale

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