Digital Citizenship HALEY:)

Ask yourself would you say it in real life?

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Are your post vain and narcissistic?

Are your posts rude to others?

That's TMI folks.

Trust me, no one wants to know when you're using the bathroom.

Are you posting every detail of your life?

No one needs to know EVERYTHING you're doing at all times.

Keep relationship details to yourself.

Don' t post everything that you do with your relationship.

The "Cryptic Cliffhanger," man

don't be rude to others.

Curate your photos like a museum.

Don't post any pictures you wouldn't want your grandma seeing.

Check your privacy settings, I mean it.

Make sure your account is private.

Post smart, okay?

Remember the Golden Rule, and have fun! :)))


Created with images by the UMF - "Social Media v1" • @CHURCH4U2 - "Matthew 7-12 "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them:"" • zeevveez - "המשמעות הפילוסופית של מים - עקרון שמאחד את כל התופעות" • Sister72 - "Fire Extinguisher For The Budget Minded" • andrewr - "Sleeping" • karenwarfel - "engagement couple romance" • Lisa Zins - "Did you know I loved you?" • faster panda kill kill - "my nan" • Kai Hendry - "Latitude privacy settings" • niekverlaan - "telephone mobile to call"

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