Homeless Helpers Kayla Wolnik, Bridget Bigden, Amber Thome, & Sydney Gray


Many homeless people do not have an adequate food source. When they don't have quality food, their health can start to deteriorate and creates overall problems with the person. Healthy food allows our bodies to build bones and muscles, repair/replace worn out cells, and most importantly keeps the body systems flowing.


42 million people face hunger in the US including nearly 13 million children & more than 5 million seniors. Our goal is to create a charity that helps homeless people have quality food. Money will be raised to donate to them and other organizations that directly helps the homeless.


  • Today, thousands are homeless with their children, pets, or family on the streets.
  • As many as 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year. Of these, more than 1 million are children. These children and people do not have a stable food source to live on.
  • In order for America to prosper, the homeless population needs help. Everyone has a future and everyone is included in the nation.


We will ask a local school if we can have students bring canned food to a sporting event and get in for free instead of paying money (they can pay money if they would like). We will raise awareness of the event through social media and posters around the chosen school. We will try to do this at different schools throughout all sports seasons to get the most canned foods and money possible. We plan to give all of our food donations to local food pantries. The money will allow us to transport the food or give the homeless items that they need like diapers (for babies) or feminine products.

IMPORTANT FACT: The school pantry program sets up a station in schools so kids can easily donate to people in need. The program serves more than 21 million meals to nearly 110,000 children nationwide.



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