Damarli Estate Harvest 2017-18

The beginning of the harvest ripe and unripe on the same branch

Harvest was small this year due to bad rains in May during the flowering. 

The harvest was mostly dried as a natural on african beds.

Preparing the beds to receive coffee
The ladies selecting only the rip coffee

Our little helper. Playing with her pet chickens

The sun can be intense. The workers cover up to get protection from the Sun

A drum dryer was added to help finish the drying of the coffee

Preparing to pour the floor of the drying facility.

The finished facility. Don Manfred!

Coffee harvesting and drying
Cupping and other images from the farm
Nursery of baby geisha
Had an outreach for the kids on the farm just after New Years.

Boquete Panama

We thank our Heavenly Father for all his blessings!

Damarli Estate - Harvest 2017-2018
Created By
David Pech


Photos By: David Pech

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