Honduras By: Bradie Buffington

  • The population of Honduras is 6.6 million.
  • The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa.
  • In Honduras's official language is Spanish but there is also Black Carib, and English Creole.
  • Bananas and coffee plants are popular plants in Honduras
  • Honduras has three major landforms, the interior plateau of hills and mountains, then there are the caribbean lowlands, and the pacific lowlands
  • The West Indian manatee, and the Mantled howler are popular animals in Honduras
  • Two natural resources in Honduras are timber and silver
  • Two of the main crops are corn and beans
  • The major industries in Honduras are agriculture, and mining.
This is the West indian Manatee
This is the Mantled howler.
  • People in Honduras are mostly Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic is 97% of their religion and Protestant is 3% of their religion.
  • The main sport of Honduras is soccer. Baseball, volleyball, and basketball are also popular in Honduras.
  • The traditional clothing in Honduras for males are all white clothing, White button up shirt, white pants, they also were red scarves and a sombrero. The females in Honduras usually wear long dresses which are handmade with different colors.
  • Baleada is a popular food in Honduras. The basic style is made of flour tortilla shells, sour cream, cheese, beans and cheese.
  • Carlos Mencia is one of the many famous people that came from Honduras. He is a Codedom.
This is the famous food baleda.

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