Interactions Digital Media - Clive McCarthy - By Gracie Burton.

Projection Mapping - Week 1

The Technology

Projection mapping uses software in order to design and create visual creative interactions when projected onto any 3D object. Any everyday video projectors can be used to project light onto any surface. This enables still objects to come alive and interactive with the audience. Software such as HeavyM, MadMapper and TorsionBlend can be used in order to create these masterpieces, as well as several more for PC or/ and Mac. Below is a video I took from our workshop.

My Thoughts

Projection mapping is something I will do more research into. The thought of making something still come to life thrills me. All the different applications of projection mapping opens a new market in the industry, and as it is a relatively new concept, I believe this process will only improve in time and create very interesting jobs in several industrial sectors, specifically in use for marketing and advertising.

Real World Applications

There are several real world applications with projection mapping. The most recently common one is for events, such as the Queens Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace. This allows the audience to be more entertained visually and engage within these interactions for entertainment. Other applications include: concerts, retail, theatre, museums, general computing, smart home and gaming. Press on the button below for Projection Mapping Central examples.

Below are some industry examples of projection mapping in action.

Augmented & Virtual Reality - Week 2

The Technology

AUGMENTED REALITY: augmented realist is the integration of live video/ footage and digital information/ compositions in real time. Augmented reality takes existing images an videos using special 3D software, and uses a marker point to add in digital context so viewers who have the software can see the digital context when they look at the marker point through a camera.

VIRTUAL REALITY: virtual reality is a computer generated environment in which allows consumers to immerse themselves into a virtual world through images and videos. Virtual reality headsets are available in which consumers wear and are fed images through two small lenses to replicate your eyes.

My Thoughts

In society, you hear more about virtual reality rather then augmented reality. Therefore, learning about them both in more interest has interest me as they can be applied in vast amounts of experiences and situations. Now I know the key concepts of both augmented reality and virtual reality, I shall be doing some more research into these and try experiment, and even use them in my future work.

Real World Applications

AUGMENTED REALITY: augmented reality can be in the form of viewers, browsers and/ or games. Augmented reality can be used on all screens and connected devices: through mobile devices, PC and connected TV players, head mounted displays, glasses and lenses. Augmented reality can be useful for all industries. It helps with advertising and marketing with business campaigns, it can be used in games, and ca be used in research to help discover where to place things and what looks good.

VIRTUAL REALITY: virtual reality can be used in majority of industries. The most popular industry would be gaming, as it allows game designers to be more creative to create a more immersive world. Other red world applications include: education & simulation, entertainment, artistry & design, tourism & exploration, psychology & meditation, real estate & shopping, and social & telepresence.

Interactivity Via Microcontrollers - Week 3

The Technology

A microcontroller is a small piece of technology in which is in the form of a computer and can be controlled to create a desired piece of equipment. Micro controllers can be used to create various items and are relatively easy to use. Micro controllers are in computers, microwaves, TV's, digital cameras and many more. Micro controllers are used in objects that don't need a computer or desktop running it, in terms of power, or used in objects that need to be smaller or cheaper.

My Thoughts

Microcontrollers are a fantastic way to create projects to be interactive and digital. Fantastic applications come from micro controllers and they are in our lives every day without knowing. Little Bits is a company in which allow creative projects to be used and allow for the younger audience to create brilliant devices that will educate them in these technological advances. I enjoyed learning and creating objects with micro controllers as there are so many possible outcomes for practical uses in todays society.

Pictures I took from projects using Micro controllers.

Below is a video of a Little Bits vehicle I created.

Real World Applications

ARDUINO: Arduino is a project in which using microcontrollers can create and control digital devices and interactive objects through kits. Arduino does not need a separate piece of hardware in order to load new code onto the board, a practical feature, and products such as drones and gloves can be created. For more information on Arduino, please press the button below.

LITTLE BITS: Little Bits is an organisation in which make circuit building fun and easy. It uses magnetic pieces in order to snap together to create interactive digital devices. The ease of use allows the next generation and a younger audience to create projects such as remote controlled vehicles and devices to act as a remote controlled stand for selfies and videos. Please press the button below to learn more about Little Bits from themselves.

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