Electronic Interference A self Designed exhibit

I would like to study the effects that having the distraction of an television playing has on the satisfactory completion of homework.

Hypothesis: I expect that homework that has been attempted while the subject (me) is introduced to noise and light produced by the television will be of less quality and thus earn less points then homework done in a sterile environment (no sound or light pollution).

To test this I will randomly select four homework assignments that I will attempt with the television on Always Sunny in Philadelphia the episode 'The Night Man Cometh' at a volume of 20. I will randomly select four other homework assignments that I attempt in my room (same location) without the stimulus of the television. The data produced will be the grades that I receive at the end of the assignment. The data will be presented in the form of my scores on each assignment grouped by television or absence of television.

'The Night Man Cometh'

Here are my findings for the homework done without television

mean score of 82.69

Here are my findings for homework done with television

mean score of 80.09

My findings were that doing homework without television resulted in a mean score of 82.69 while doing it with television resulted in a score of 80.09. I conclude that while not watching television does slightly improve homework grades it is not a major factor.


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