Canbury School Newsletter 13th March 2020. issue 187

Dear Parents and Visitors

Despite some of our students’ wishful thinking, Canbury will stay open until we are told to shut by Public Health England or the Easter holidays arrive - whichever comes first. If your child is very unwell, please do not send them to school. At Canbury, we continue to reinforce to everyone the message of washing hands properly and using hand sanitisers regularly. Mr Adams our Facilities Manager, is cleaning all hand contact areas such as handrails, handles,etc every lesson changeover. We are prepared for remote teaching in the event that we are closed. Personally, the idea of having an extended Easter holiday would not be for me - I can't keep still at the best of times. Let's hope being this prepared means it won't come to pass.

We had an interesting speaker at assembly today. Callum Russell from Sight for Surrey told us all about the amazing work they do supporting young people with visual and audio impairment. He did make us all laugh by telling us a story of how his father taught him to ride a bike, remembering that he was completely blind from birth, his father said "take a left" so he did and there was a splash and he landed in the canal. Everyone laughed, especially when we learned Dad ended up in the canal too, trying to fish out his soaking boy. Lesson to us all - don't always listen to your dad!

As you can see from the photos within this week’s newsletter, it’s been another busy week up on Kingston Hill. We’re hurtling towards the Easter break and I’m just not sure how we're going to cram it all in before we break up - especially if it’s a longer holiday than we were expecting!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Stonkingly good work from Angus in English for our punctuation game/competition.

Layla and Chloe also deserve a mention for the quality of their work.

Year 8

Fantastic Spanish telephone conversations from Adam, Kyrell, Carl, Ross, Peter and Zac, and not forgetting Mrs Knivett who also joined in.

Year 9

Super wall displays by the historians on a significant figure or event from the 20th century.

Year 9 also deserve a mention for the maturity and sensitivity of their reactions to some challenging fiction in English.

Year 10

A thank you to the Year 10 photographers ( l-r: Aansh, Armani, Max, Evie, Rhian and Louis) for their efforts on the Kingston Upon Thames photo shoot this week. Here they are, working hard!

The main aim of the shoot was to capture city life with a focus on architecture and people. Here Mrs Smith mixes the two!

Great work from Year 10 in English, wrestling with the difficult demands of commenting on the ways that writers use language in their work.

Year 11

Great presentations by all of Year 11 in English.

Great revision in class from the Year 11 Spanish students: Alex, Emily, Pascal and Matthew. Let’s hope they are doing just as much at home!

Year 11 historians: Pascal, Amy, Emily and James who are all working really hard and producing impressive pieces of work.

Year 12

Great interview techniques practice from Felix on Thursday. Mrs Hurrell put him through his paces giving him an authentic job interview and Felix came up to the challenge admirably. Mrs Hurrell (and Mrs Bate who happened to be working in the same space at the time) were impressed with Felix’s strong focus, well-considered answers and overall demeanour. Anyone would be lucky to have you on their staff Felix!


Here's our Harry B, collecting his independent travel training award, from not one, but two mayors this week. Well done Harry!
And here's Peter, the art department's artist of the month. Says Mrs Smith: "It's been fantastic having Peter back with us in class, he's loved working on his Keith Haring project and I am very proud of the progress he has made this month." Also pictured are four more hard working Year 8s with their Haring inspired sculptures - they are very nearly finished. Left to right Flora, Connor, Adam and Carl.

Sports round up for the week:

Writes Mr Barnes: “It’s been an action packed week in the PE department with the final SSSSA football tournament of the season and a KS3 dance and yoga workshop taking place. A large proportion of students represented the school and took part in lots of physical activity, which was most pleasing to see.

Wednesday afternoon saw the final KS4/ 5 SSSSA football tournament of the season. It was a fantastic display from both teams, with both A and B teams only losing one match each and playing some great football in the process. It was also the last time in a Canbury shirt for a number of the ‘Golden Generation’. Thanks to Miles, Chris, Ben, Pascal and Rosie for their many years of service to Canbury football - next year’s KS4/ 5 team certainly have big boots to fill!

Hanging up their boots - KS4/5 footballers!

Our KS3 teams made huge progress on Thursday with their performances at the SSSSA tournament. The ‘A’ team only lost one match all afternoon and scored a handful of goals, and the B team also recorded a hard earned victory and a draw in their league. Special mentions go to Kiran and Connor in the A team for some fantastic link up play and Ollie B for tireless running and scoring a goal. Both teams have made huge improvements when you consider where they were at the start of the year. Well done all.”

A lovely day to be alive and outside!

Writes Mr Sutton: “On Wednesday The Guildford Spectrum welcomed six Canbury students and three staff. Here we are about to set off and as you can see, already getting into character, so to speak.

Danga - a mix of dance and yoga at Canbury - could this be a new craze?

The ‘S to the power of 6’ dance and yoga festival was a series of workshops. Our first workshop was yoga where the students and staff were stretched to their limits. It was well enjoyed by everybody and in the end we all went to sleep. The next two workshops promoted dance and movement in the form of contemporary dance and the great showman. The highlights of these workshops were music choreography and a carnival themed dance. All the students and staff were a credit to the school and came away learning new skills and information."

We received this message this morning from the organisers - it's not just us who think Canbury students rock!

Sports timetable for this next half term

House News

Karim - 15HPs Blue Star Award

Aansh - 45HPs Purple Star Award

Rhian - 60HPs Bronze Star Award

Evie - 75HPs Silver Star Award

Jessica - 100HPs Gold Star Award

Our first tchoukball event was judged a resounding success. This fast moving sport is a combination of handball and volleyball. Judging by these pictures we'll be playing it again some day soon! House winners kudos goes to Miles, Kiran, Harry C, Matthew A, Olivia M and Aansh.

Friday 27th March sees our first ever Easter Fair, when we will be raising money for new playground equipment. It should be a fun morning with hook a duck, agility testing, guess the number of eggs, a photo booth, ping pong, a tuck shop, cake sale, pin the table on the donkey and everybody's favourite side show: sponge the teacher!

If you can help with providing goodies for the cake sale, chocolate for the tombola we'd love to hear from you. In addition if you happen to treat the family to a tube of pringles this weekend or next, please send in the empty cardboard container when you're done with them. And talking of the Easter Fair.....

Here's the photograph from the top of this week's newsletter. It's an amazing piece of work from Rosie, what a talent this girl has!

We're back! Meet the member of staff

Smiley dyslexia specialist teacher Mrs Mullan comes in weekly to work with individual students. Read on to find out what her dream day looks like, how she dreams of getting enough sleep, and who her inspiration is for making every day at work count.

Who is your hero/ine?

My Mum. She raised my four siblings and I, worked as a nurse for years, then went back to university to retrain after we were grown up. She now runs a program supporting mothers who are homeless or those from traveller communities to access healthcare for themselves and their children. She is so caring and passionate about what she does, and always goes above and beyond in every part of her life!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Ehrwald in the Austrian alps, the most beautiful place in the world!

Describe your perfect day - money and time are both plentiful!

Waking naturally when I have had enough sleep, brunch at my favourite spot with my husband and children followed by a trip to the park with them, then in the afternoon a spa session with my friends (we would have lots of lovely pampering treatments). Once suitably chilled I would return to a lovely dinner cooked by my husband, and watch a good film!

Tell us a favourite book you have read.

To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

What makes you laugh?

Aurocorrect mistakes; the things my children say!

What motivates you to work hard?

Wanting to do my best and to make a difference to the young people I work with.

What would you sing in a karaoke bar?

Uptown funk!

How do you unwind and relax? (If at all!)

A nice bubbly bath, glass of wine and a good book on my kindle.

What did you want to be when you were small?

A ballerina

What would you tell your 13 year old self?

Be confident, everything will be OK!