Making Our Mark in Marlboro April Edition

A Message from the Superintendent

ST Math Celebration

Mrs. Fuschetti's entire Kindergarten class from Defino Central Elementary School recently achieved 100% on ST Math.

To celebrate the huge accomplishment, they threw a party on April 30. Students enjoyed working through challenging math problems. Activities included:

  • Build a home for a penguin using sugar cubes
  • Scoop the penguins/icebergs and add to the find the sum
  • JiJi Birthday Sheet/Penguin Hundreds Chart
  • Penguin pile up/fishing game
  • Crack open the penguin eggs and solve the equation

Happy Birthday, JiJi!

2018-2019 School Year Calendar Change

At the January 30, 2018 Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education approved the 2018-2019 school year calendar which only had two snow days built in. Since this past winter proved to be such a challenge, the district felt it necessary to build in one more snow day to next year’s calendar.

In order to achieve this, the district has changed the first day of school for students to be September 5 instead of the previous date of September 6.

Please see below an amended 2018-2019 school year calendar, which the board approved at the April 17, 2018 Workshop Meeting. You can also access the school calendar on our website under the District tab.

Health & Wellness Week

During the week of April 9 - April 13, Marlboro Township Public Schools participated in Health & Wellness Week. The week focused on educating students on the importance of health and wellness in their lives. Each day had a theme and activities to support the learning.

Mindfulness Monday

Teamwork Tuesday

Marlboro Middle School students participated in a human knot exercise.

Wellness Wednesday

Marlboro Memorial Middle School students participating in Wellness Wednesday!
Pajamas & books are perfect together on Wellness Wednesday at Marlboro Elementary School.
Pajama pictures from Wellness Wednesday at David C. Abbott Early Learning Center.
Wellness Wednesday in Mrs. LeistersSecondGrade at Frank J. Dugan Elementary School meant PJ DAY & catching up on their sleep!

Taste Test Thursday

Ms. Devitto’s class at Robertsville Elementary School made their balanced diet using healthy food and exercise choices while wearing their colorful clothing!

Fitness Friday

Monmouth County New Jersey School Boards Association Eighth-Grade Dialogue

Marlboro Memorial Middle School's Student Council President Austin Friedman and Marlboro Middle School's Michael Liotta represented our district at the Monmouth County New Jersey School Boards Association eighth-grade dialogue. We are so proud of how they were able to discuss their experiences!

David C. Abbott Early Learning Center

We celebrated Wellness Week with a variety of activities including breathing techniques, yoga poses, and exercise!

A visit from the Philadelphia zoo! Students learned about a variety of animals and their habitats.

We celebrated the Walk for Change on April 24. Raising money for a great cause!

Once again students created a ‘tree’ for Arbor Day! Each class created a leaf using techniques learned in art class.


Asher Holmes Elementary School

In April, fourth and fifth-graders were fully immersed in virtual reality when Asher Holmes Elementary School parent, Russell Falcon, visited the media center to demonstrate the capabilities of high-end, HTC Vive headsets and applications.

Students and teachers explored digital, three-dimensional worlds where they swam with fish deep in the sea, traveled the world using Google Earth VR, created art on an infinite canvas with Tilt Brush, or played popular boardwalk games in the arcade.

This experience came after teachers engaged students in meaningful literature texts that examined the pros and cons of virtual reality devices. Students researched the topic in articles such as The High-Tech Classroom from TIME for Kids, Virtual Worlds from the Making Meaning curriculum, and articles on Achieve3000.

Students then wrote persuasive writing pieces to argue the benefits and pitfalls of the technology.

Experiencing the capabilities of virtual reality first hand helped students visualize how this technology is revolutionizing learning, working, and living in the 21st century. ​

In honor of National Poetry Month and Poem in Your Pocket Day, students at Asher Holmes Elementary School completed a STEAM challenge to make pockets for their poems


March Madness was a HUGE success! Thanks to Mr. Gould, Mr. Aconi, and the PTA for organizing! Awesome job to all of our student & staff players, as well as our cheerleaders! 🐎 GO COLTS! 🐎

Defino Central Elementary School

Defino Dolphins learned about trustworthiness in the month of April.

Classes discussed what it means to be trustworthy and how you earn someone’s trust. All students named at least one person that they find to be trustworthy and why.

Our end of the month character assembly featured a performance from our very own Elvis and his background dancers. The fifth graders practiced skits and wrote their own song to the tune of I Ain’t Nothing But A Hound-dog to teach trustworthiness to the entire Defino community.

Lastly, butterflies were arranged around last month’s caterpillars and students at each grade level described what trustworthiness means to them. Our monthly character award winners were recognized for their exemplary behavior.

Spring has brought various living organisms into our kindergarten, first grade, and fourth grade classrooms. We're talking about bugs, worms, chicks, and hermit crabs.

Kindergarten students welcomed their adorable little chicks this week after caring for their eggs for a week. Students got a visit from the farmer and the hen and rooster, and then had the opportunity to watch the chicks hatch right in front of their eyes. Having these chicks in their classrooms has been a fun and exciting experience for our youngest learners.

In first grade, students worked on learning about earthworms and how they are nature's recyclers. They explored the actual worm's anatomy and also what this interesting organism gives to the soil. Classes kept them for a few days and then released them outside as our gift to the earth in honor of earth day.

As if that wasn't enough, students are extremely excited about their pet hermit crabs joining all of the first grade classrooms. Students enjoy observing and learning about them as part of the current science unit. The children love to watch them climb and make a huge mess of their homes, which are made to look like their natural habitats.

In fourth grade, students are studying protective animal structures in science. They have learned that many animals have exoskeletons to protect them from predators and environmental hazards. Our young scientists are getting the opportunity to observe pillbugs (sowbugs) in their environment and getting to see firsthand how they use their exoskeletons for protection.


Frank J. Dugan Elementary School

Thank you to the Marlboro Educational Foundation for the hands on science assembly!
Thanks to all the Dugan visitors and Thursday classes for making their mark on our collaborative murals!
Living Voices presented to students and taught about Anne Frank and the Holocaust.
Mrs. McGurl's finished up their magnet unit today by building actual electromagnets!
Ms. Koster's class hermit crabs arrived and students voted on their names. Meet Shelly, Rocket, Oof, Michael, & Red!


Marlboro Elementary School

Talent Show

Marlboro Elementary held their second annual talent show on Friday, May 27 at Marlboro Middle School. Nearly 160 students participated in close to 50 different acts. There was also a phenomenal teacher act! The students acts ranged from singing and dancing performances, magic acts, instrumental groups and solos, as well as a variety of comedic and hidden talent acts! Students in grades from kindergarten through 5th grade participated.

The talent show was lead by a committee of teachers who worked with the MarEl PTO to coordinate the event. The committee was chaired by 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Sloane Pallito and 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Danielle Tufts. The show was fantastic and truly exhibited all the talent that the students of Marlboro Elementary School have to offer!

Walk for Change

On Tuesday, April 24, Marlboro Elementary School participated in the Walk for Change as a part of the Disability Awareness Month in coordination with Marlboro SCOPE. Students brought in change and emptied the change into a bucket each time they completed a lap. Along with the Walk for Change, students could purchase pencils and wristbands in support of Disability Awareness Month. Teachers could also purchase Marlboro Elementary Disability Awareness tee-shirts to help raise money. Students throughout the school could also color puzzle pieces to show how even though all students are different, we fit together like a puzzle to make something great. The Walk for Change and Disability Awareness Month efforts were coordinated by Ms. Katie DiLella and the amazing special education teachers at Marlboro Elementary School. Marlboro Elementary raised over $800 for Disability Awareness!

Mystery Class: REACH Project

The students in Mrs. Wibbelsman Gifted and Talented REACH Class participated in a 6 month cross-curricular study of seasons, the Earth’s patterns with its rotation and tilt, longitude/latitude lines, time zones and cultural trends from around the world. Beginning in late January, the students collected photoperiod data on each mystery location weekly and charted the unique trends. In late March, students collected interdisciplinary data weekly for each location to narrow down their guesses. After many in-class debates, the class then entered the Journey North Mystery Class contest to place their guesses of the locations of each of the 10 mystery classes. When the results were released, Mrs. Wibbelsman’s class had successfully located all 10 locations and won gold in the contest! These locations included Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montevideo, Uruguay, Norway’s Troll Research Station in Antarctica, and Dili, Timor-Leste to name a few. This is also the first year that all of Marlboro’s G&T programs won gold in the competition as well. Congratulations to all the contestants!

Science Bee

On March 23, Marlboro Elementary held their first annual science bee. This idea came to fruition after the school completed their annual spelling bee and then geography bee. Students came up with the idea of holding a science bee. They approached their teachers with the idea and then eventually brought the idea to the school principal. 4th and 5th grade teachers worked together to create a bank of questions based off of the Next Generation Science Standards, the newest science standards that New Jersey has adopted, and they developed the science bee. 18 students from 4th and 5th grade participated in the bee, following the same rules as a traditional spelling bee. In the end, it came down to two students who ended in a tie! It was a successful event which grew out of student curiosity and empowerment!


Robertsville Elementary School

Robertsville Elementary School students recently visited Freehold High School's Five Star Cafe.

The goal of visiting was to give the students an idea of what it would be like to run their own restaurant and allow them the opportunity to see how high schoolers manage a kitchen.

Students compared their experiences with the Robertsville Bistro to The Five Star Cafe. The student chefs gave the classes a tour and let the students order food from a menu specially designed for Robertsville.

After visiting, so many students expressed an interest in applying to the culinary program in eighth-grade.

"I really liked the tour and seeing all the chefs. It was fun to meet and talk to the students. They were making such delicious cookies in the bakery. We also had delicious muffins. I really want to be a chef when I grow up. I really want to go to the Five Star Cafe program because it sounds really cool." - Jayden

"I want to do the culinary program when I am in high school because I saw all the stations in the restaurant and I liked it a lot. I also really love to cook. I would really like to be a chef when I grow up. Right now, I make pancakes, salmon, spanish rice, and salad. My mom helps me make chicken. I can't wait to learn how to make more food." - Avani

"I liked meeting the chefs and seeing where the chefs make food. I really want to go to Freehold High School for the culinary program." - Jaline

"I really liked the tour at the Five Star Cafe. I also liked the food and all the chefs. Seeing the bakery was awesome! They were making cookies. It smelled delicious! I can't wait to go back. I really want to apply for the culinary program." - Kristen

"I liked seeing the bakery because they were making delicious cookies and cakes. I liked the food a lot! I want to do the program when I am older because I want to be a chef. I can learn a lot from the teachers." - Samantha

Mrs. Hicks created a great display for Walk for Change!
Fifth-graders collaborated on You Can DO the Rubiks Cube Mosaic.

Fourth-graders rocked blackout poetry!


Marlboro Memorial Middle School

Congratulations to Ms. Bodsford and the Destination Imagination, Inc. Team for their second-place finish and qualifying for the Global Tournament!

Through a Marlboro Educational Foundation grant, Marlboro Memorial Middle School was able to register a team to participate in the Destination Imagination state tournament.

There are several challenges to choose from, and the students on the team chose the engineering challenge. They had to build a structure and create a skit to go with it. There were team choice elements to be scored on and an instant challenge was part of the scoring as well.

Here is a link to learn a little more about the Destination Imagination challenge the team chose.

Eighth-grade Creative Arts students at Marlboro Memorial Middle School are hard at work painting their lion mural!
Beautiful cherry blossom paintings created by sixth-graders at Marlboro Memorial Middle School. Happy Spring!
Hands Off Tobacco Club visited Robertsville Elementary School to conduct presentations on the harmful effects of tobacco, e-cigs, and vapes.
MMMS Builders Club provided Earth Day Ribbons to all students who took the pledge to take care of the Earth!


Marlboro Middle School

The eighth-grade class had a field trip to Philadelphia on Friday, April 20. The eighth-grade teachers put together this great trip for their students. A special thank you to Mrs. Pacheco for her unbelievable job with organizing the event. The field trip was informative and fun for everyone. The students learned about history and had an enjoyable day with their teachers and friends.

Students in Peer to Peer, Conflict Managers, and HAWKS presented at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 17. The students did an outstanding job speaking to everyone in attendance about facts related to tolerance and the purpose of Peer to Peer, Conflict Managers, and HAWKS. The students discussed that great results can happen when everyone works together. They were so eloquent and informative. The students did an amazing job and made Marlboro Middle School proud.

The Chorale, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band competed in Williamsburg, Virginia. The trip started on Thursday, April 26 and ended on Sunday, April 29. Ms. Chandler, Ms. Garibaldi, and the students did a wonderful job. The Chorale won a first place - gold rating, the Wind Ensemble won a first place - gold rating, and the Jazz Band won a gold. The students and staff on the trip had a blast. They all truly made MMS so proud.

The H.O.T. Fair was on Friday, April 27. Students in H.O.T. and Peer to Peer teamed up with the Physical Education department and staff members to educate the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students on the dangers of smoking and vaping. Interactive activities and various displays were designed to inform the students about such topics and to help them make good decisions. A special thank you to all the staff members who helped make the H.O.T. Fair go so great. Dr. Asher-Shultz did a wonderful job leading this nice event that takes place once every three years.


Internet Safety/Social Media presentation presented by Nicki Francis & the Marlboro Township Alliance.

The PTO thanked the MMS office staff on Administrative Professionals Day and the MMS Nurses on Nurse Appreciation Day with gifts from our Hospitality Committee.

May PTO meeting and board elections - Tuesday, May 15 - meeting location moved to auditorium - TIME CHANGED TO 11:30am. This last meeting of the school year will be both the board elections, with nominations taken from the floor, as well as our Volunteer Thank You Luncheon. All are welcome to attend, including incoming MMS parents.

The PTO will be available at the sixth-grade orientation to be held on May 17. They will be selling MMS apparel (cash or check only) and answering questions.

May 18 is a one-session day. Treat yourself to Rita's Ice from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at 342 Rt. 9 North and they will give back 15% of all sales to the MMS PTO. Visit the PTO website or the PTO Facebook page for the donation flyer or just mention the MMS PTO when dining.

Get ready to feel the Force with the PTO and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra! Tickets for Star Wars: A New Hope in concert and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in concert are on sale now through the PTO. Tickets will see out quickly, so bring in your order form as early as possible. Do or do not. There is no try.

Most importantly, the PTO is actively seeking volunteers/chair people for 2018-19, specifically Apparel, Box Tops & Hospitality.

In addition, the PTO is seeking both seventh and eighth-grade parents to help with decorating for the eighth-grade Dance.

Follow the Marlboro Middle School PTO on Facebook, or visit their website at MarlboroMiddleSchoolPTO.com

Spring Sports

View highlights from Marlboro Middle School's Relay Meet where athletes placed in multiple events including second in boys 4x2, second in girls 4x2, first in girls long jump, and placed in boys long jump, boys high jump, boys 4x1, girls 4x1, boys sprint medley, and girls sprint medley.

Central Jersey Music Educators Association (CJMEA) Honors Orchestra Festival

On Saturday, April 14 at Lawrence High School, Central Jersey Music Educators Association (CJMEA) held its Elementary and Middle School Honors Orchestra festival.

Mrs. Chelsey Dokus, Orchestra Director for Marlboro Memorial Middle School and Marlboro Middle School conducted one of the orchestras (over 85 string students were on stage) and nine students from both MMS and MMMS participated in the concert.

The students who participated are as follows:

Memorial Middle School:

  • Sophia Yoo- 7th Grade
  • Aaron Lee- 7th Grade
  • Megan Xie- 8th Grade
  • Sabrina DiMaggio- 8th Grade
  • Dana Chan- 8th Grade
  • Kevin Yuan- 8th Grade

Marlboro Middle School:

  • Raymond Leung- 7th Grade
  • Seth Nestorowicz- 8th Grade
  • Sam Olarsch- 8th Grade


Students Play in Central Jersey Music Educators Association (CJMEA) Elementary Honors Band Festival

We are very proud of our students from Defino Central Elementary School and Frank J. Dugan Elementary School, that performed together in harmony this past weekend at the Central Jersey Music Educators Association (CJMEA) Elementary Honors Band Festival.

Defino Central Elementary School students:

  • Adrit Sikdar - Clarinet, grade 4
  • David Tabak - Clarinet, grade 4
  • Alycia Hadley - Percussion, grade 5
  • Evan Wohlstetter - Alto Sax, grade 4
  • Jason Katz - Baritone Horn, grade 4
  • Ying Ang - Clarinet, grade 5
  • Minghan Li - Clarinet, grade 5
  • Harry Fan - Percussion, grade 4
  • Pranshu Suyal - Trombone, grade 5
  • Julian Lo - Trombone, grade 5

Frank J. Dugan Elementary School students:

  • Zachary Rothenberg - Clarinet, grade 4
  • Muriel Diaz-Montoya - Flute, grade 4
  • Tyler Rayzvikh - Alto Sax, grade 5
  • Gabriel Zonen - Alto Sax, grade 5
  • Nicholas Illari - Clarinet, grade 5
  • Benjamin Ilyin - Trombone, grade 5
  • Hiyee Zhou - Trumpet, grade 5

The students have worked so hard all year! In addition, their teacher Mr. Evan Young was the conductors for one of the three bands.


Spotlight on Creativity and Innovation

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Albert Einstein

Eighth-Grade ELA Mock Trials at Marlboro Middle School

To culminate the argumentative writing unit and the whole class novel, Monster, 8th grade ELA students participated in two mock trials, which required learners to productively struggle through deep analysis and synthesis of multiple witness affidavits, exhibits, and legal documents in order to create logical lines of questioning and convincing arguments for guilt or innocence of the defendants. In addition, students traced and evaluated the arguments presented by the defense and prosecution to determine a verdict of guilty or not guilty based on trial proceedings.

During trial preparation, students took on the roles of attorneys and witnesses. As they studied a hypothetical case, considered legal principles and received guidance from various resources in courtroom procedure and trial preparation, students learned about the American judicial system and developed valuable life skills (public speaking, team building, strategizing and decision making to name a few) in the process. Since teams were unaware of their opponents’ preparations, they had to research and plan for both the prosecution and the defense in order to strategically weaken arguments while strengthening their own arguments during cross-examinations and closing statements.

By the end, all students were given the opportunity to play a role in one trial as well as act as a jury member during the other trial. Each mock trial case addressed serious matters facing society today. By affording students an opportunity to wrestle with large societal issues within a structured format, the project provided a powerful and timely educational experience that strengthened core language arts skills while also being fun and engaging.

Student Feedback:

“I believe this activity was valuable so we can understand the importance of the book we just read. Instead of just reading about the trial, we know how it feels to actually be in the courtroom.”

“I think it was very valuable because it enhanced my researching and comprehension skills since it required me to understand all of the information provided to me. Additionally, it improved our improvising on the spot since we had to adjust to the questions they asked us or the way a certain person answered.”

“I rated this activity a five because in the preparation showed us how to think about both sides of the case and also showed everyone how to analyze each piece of evidence whether it would discredit us or give us an advantage.”

“The best part of the Mock Trial activity, was the trial itself because I was able to see how everyone approached the evidence provided and interpreted it. I enjoyed seeing “ inside” the mind of each student as they talked upon the case and spoke upon their side to prove the defendant guilty or innocent.”

“I wouldn’t change anything because the trial process was seamless and everyone had a chance to speak and represent their team. Although some challenges arose, they had been surpassed and helped everyone act stronger as a team.”

Spotlight on Technology

Instructional technology affords effective, personal learning opportunities for all students. Digital tools support teachers in fostering collaboration, critical thinking, differentiation, and creativity. Purposeful use of technology is just one of many important aspects of a teacher’s instructional toolkit.

Technology and the Internet has truly provided all of us with the ability to connect that wasn’t possible just a few short years ago. Connectedness probably brings to mind platforms like Twitter or Facebook. However, there are some interesting opportunities that are becoming available to schools today. One of those is Nepris.

“Nepris connects teachers and students with the right industry experts, virtually without having to spend much planning time or leaving the classroom while providing an effective way for companies to extend education outreach and create equity of access”

In terms of student engagement, Nepris is delivering on its mission. Essentially, Nepris connects teachers to professionals in almost every industry. How it works: Teachers get access to the platform to connect with industry professionals, share their ideas, questions, and needs for a professional to join their class via a video conference. Passionate and skilled employees are matched with a teacher’s needs. Nepris provides the technology for teachers to securely discuss their lesson, curriculum, and objectives and then securely engage their class in a discussion and interview. Nepris employees also join video calls to help facilitate and improve the platform. The following are benefits Nepris offers:

  • Lessons come to life
  • Projects connect to the real-world and career
  • Increased stakes: students can present their projects to industry experts through video
  • Students are inspired to explore careers in STEAM
  • Passionate career professionals can inspire/guide students

We are excited to expand MTPS’ pilot of Nepris to middle schools in the 2018-19 school year!

Teacher use of the Nepris platform can now be expanded beyond technology and engineering classes, and will now be available for all teachers. Since Nepris connects teachers and students virtually to every career and subject area, it makes perfect sense to give every class this unique opportunity.

We are excited to see how Nepris can expose students to career opportunities and inspire students to pursue their interests!

Employment Opportunities at Marlboro Township Public Schools

Please visit here to find a list of our current job postings.

Marlboro Educational Foundation

For more information about Marlboro Educational Foundation, please visit http://www.marlboroeducationalfoundation.org/.


Walk for Change - April 24

Nearly $7,000 was raised!

For more information about SCOPE, please visit SCOPEMarlboro.org.


Parents Operating with Educators for Results (P.O.W.E.R.) is a federally funded program to connect student learning to the home. Students in grades 2-5 participated in an evening of "Bring Your Parents to School" to showcase the learning they have acquired through the countless hours they and their teachers have put forth to master a learning path tailored specifically for each child. It was a fun night of traveling around the world!

Chartwells Food Services

Menus can be found here.


Champions held a very successful Spring Break Camp at Robertsville-- the students were treated to visits from JB Sports and participated in theme days: Superheroes Among Us and Circus Science! We had over 30 children participate in this special snapshot of Champions Summer Camp. We are looking forward to welcoming Champions Campers on June 27. Please reach out to Anisha Kakar, akakar@klcorp.com if you are interested in signing your child up for our Champions Summer Camp!

A favorite unit this month in our Champions program was "Create Your Own Newspaper." This unit provided the children opportunities to create weather reports, word games, puzzles, and draw comic strips. They enjoyed working on articles by interviewing their peers and finding out about their hobbies and interests. Sites compiled articles, ads and comic strips and compiled their own Champions News!

Our Annual “What Can you do with Leftover Peeps” contest concluded-- each Champions location was given a few packages of leftover Peeps and were asked to create a diorama depicting their favorite Champions Friday Classroom Club. First prize (voters were objective Champions managers from other areas) was Defino Central, with “Peeps Basketball Club”! Please enjoy some of the wonderfully creative submissions: Defino (Winner, Basketball Club), MMS Champions (Cooking Club), and Mar El Champions (Slime Club).

Our Enrichment Clubs will be concluding in May/early June-- Champions had a terrific year collaborating with district teachers to provide various opportunities – in the arts, music, science, math and technology, to name a few-- for children before and after school. Please enjoy the photos Mrs. Allen’s Champions Augmented Reality Club and Coding Club!

Mrs. Allen and Mr. Silva will be providing a special STEAM camp at Robertsville to run concurrently with Champions Summer Camp. Please reach out to Thea Pace tpace@klcorp.com for more details!

Champions is an accredited out of school time program— our proprietary curriculum for grades K–6 is based on the latest educational research and focuses on building the three critical abilities that have the most impact on a child’s future success: social-emotional skills, executive-function skills, and inquiry-based learning. We thank the Marlboro community for their support and partnership. The Champions team is very dedicated to enriching our children’s mornings and afternoons. Please reach out to Thea Pace at tpace@klcorp.com if you are interested in registering in our program or enrichment clubs!

Marlboro Township Public Schools In The News

Marlboro youngster will appear in ‘The Nerd’ at George Street Playhouse

Marlboro Memorial Middle School students greet poet’s ‘informance’ with enthusiasm

Social Media

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