Car Insurance

Bodily injury- PAys for damage of people, when you caused the injury

ex. If you crash into somebody, and injure them, you have to pay for it.

Property Damage- When you damage private property, and you pay for it.

Ex. If you crash into a car, and you caused the accident, then you have to pay for the car damage.

Medical payments- pays for injuries in car, regardless of who is at fault.

ex. If you crash into somebody, you have to pay for the injuries of everybody in the car.

collision- Pays for damage of car if you're not the one at fault.

ex. If you crash into somebody, but it is because somebody crashed into you, then the person who caused the collision has to pay for both cars.

Comprehensive- cover payments for car when it does not involve an accident.

ex. If somebody damages your car, but it is not while you are driving or in the car, then the person that damaged your car has to pay for the damages.


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