The Great Depression In Canada By aleX HalibuRton and Carsten bergersen

Mackenzies role from 1925-1930

Mackenzie didn't see any changes necessary from 1925-1930 Mackenzie believed that Canada's economy would right itself out overtime.

King Mackenzies role from 1935-1948

King Mackenzies role in 1935-1948 was to do his best to help Canada by making the tariffs go down between USA and Canada. King Mackenzie came up with job creation chemes in 1939. Mackenzie questioned if there would need to be constitutional changes to benefit the people. Mackenzie also created a national employment commission in 1938 to help the unemployed. During the Second World War Mackenzies government focused on production on necessitys for war. Mackenzies main role was giving Canadians jobs and enough money to survive. Mackenzies idea changed overtime of how he thought the economy would right itself out but he came to realize Canada needs help and government must change its policies.

The economic impact of the depression was bad and the government did nothing to really fix it, until later when the solved this depression is not going to solve on its own. The social impact was more international trade. In poltics they became a bit more liberal throughout the depression
The similarities between Canada and America: one similarity of Canada and America were they were both conservative at first and figured out change was necessary. A difference was that they had different ideas on how to make changes
The poltical scene Mackenzie king toke over in 1925 after getting independence from Britan
The economic situation was the same as the us they started out great and ignored the warnings of a sign of the economy slowing down.
Three thing that caused the depression was economic dependence on the USA and the social tensions of culture and not enough government support
The New Deal in Canada was successful for farmers and people who needed help with international trade
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Carsten And Alex

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