Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan By: JACK REGIER AND LOGAN MOORE

Pipes from Flint, Michigan

Causes and Problem

Due to low low funds, leadership in Flint, Michigan switched the main water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River. The city turned to the Flint River while their new pipeline connecting the city to Lake Huron was being built. Humans are being the most impacted from this change. The poor water quality has caused problems for almost everyone in the city. It also doesn't help that the entire populations income is below the poverty line or just above it. The water from the flint river is 19 times more pollutant than lake Huron. Since the pipes are so old and with the extra corrosive water its putting lead into the water and poisoning everyone who drinks it.

Difference between Flint water and everywhere else.


Finding solutions for flint Michigan will not be easy, its gonna a mixture of science to help clean up the water, upgrades to the pipes, and investigations to make sure this doesn't happen again. Scientific evaluations will help them decide what chemicals they can insert into the water to help clean up the corroding elements. Replacing corroded pipes to brand new ones coated in a material that resists corroding so this doesn't continue to happen. Investigations will help everyone decide which water sources are clean enough to drink and and how to maintain the pipes.

Citizens getting poisoned by the water protesting about the change.

Environmental Impact

Lots of species are affected by this water, the main obviously being humans. The harmful water in Flint, Michigan triggered a nationwide effort to help purify and test the school's drinking water. Only New York had a law that set a standard for the amount of lead in drinking water. Also lead is not healthy to consume, even just a little can cause harmful symptoms, these may include hearing loss, weight loss, and seizures. Animals that drink the water coming out of faucets are also affected by this. Cats and Dogs who drink from their family's water faucets can get the same lead poisoning as humans which can get them very sick and they can possibly even die.

Dogs being tested for symptoms of lead poisoning.

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