End of the Year Updates

Summer School
  • Bilingual Summer School-Mary Hull PK-K , 1st Retainees Dates: June 6-29 (16 days) 8:00-3:30 pm
  • Regular Summer School
  • ELL Math and Science Academy-Rudders MS, 5th Grade Active, F1, S2- June-June 29th 8:30-1:30
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided for all
Engagement Academy June 5th-9th
  • Phonics in Context
  • Grammar Matters in Espanol and English
Call for Proposals-Table Session
  • The Elementary Curriculum & Instruction Department is looking for classroom teachers who would like to share TEKS based lessons, activities, or station ideas with others at Elementary Institute.
  • Pay is $30 an hour-2 hour session
  • Deadline to complete google form is May 16th.
ELL Institute August 7th 8:00-3:00
  • Table Session-call for proposals
  • Deadline is May 5th. Google Form will be mailed out
  • Need: ESL ideas, Dual language ideas
Elementary Institute-August 9th-10th
  • Sessions will include
  • Assessing ELLs
  • ESL Word Work
  • Teaching for Biliteracy
  • Immersion in Espanol
  • Gramatica
STAAR and TELPAS Test Results
  • Telpas scores will arrive April 28th
  • 5th grade Administration: 22 bilingual sts in 5th
  • Math: 7 Online in math, 4 paper in Spanish, 11 paper in English
  • Reading: 9 Online in reading, 5 paper in Spanish, 8 paper in English
  • 3 did not pass Spanish math, 2 did not pass Spanish reading, 3 did not pass English reading, 4 did not pass English math
  • 4 Exits, Others passed but received accommodations
ELPAC- End of the Year Documentation
  • Forms will be delivered to you with a page with directions included in the folder.
  • Section 1-3 completed by Classroom teacher unless it is precoded.
  • Section 4 (Interventions)of your paperwork will be completed by you and then entered into ESPED. Use ESPED cheatsheet
  • Section 5 (EOY status) of your paperwork will be entered by LSTs.
  • Section 6 will be completed at the LPAC--DO NOT FILL IN!
When is it due?
  • Pk-2nd grade : ALL due Monday, May 15th---LPAC is Thursday, May 18th
  • 3rd-5th grade: ALL due Monday, May 22nd--LPAC is Thursday, May 25th
  • Schedule will be made; Sub will cover class.
  • Last LPAC Wednesday, May 31st for 5th grade (2nd Administration)
  • Accuracy and Due dates are key to the proper implementation of ELPAC and LPAC.
Last days
  • Last day for Mrs. Peña will be May 25th
  • Last day for Reading Groups Thursday, May 11th
  • Last day for Imagine Learning -TBD
  • Last day for PK-2nd LPAC-grades will be May 12th
  • Last day for 3rd-5th LPAC grades will be May 19th
  • Last day for NEAR May 27th

thank you!


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