Ireland By:Karli Elkins,Mackenzie Moore

Ireland is a beautiful green country of the coast of England, with great people, food, and
  • Appointment Alerts: While you should try to be punctual, the Irish have a more casual attire towards time.
  • You'll find many executives are pleasant, approachable. and willing to meet to discuss business.
  • Business hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm, Mon through Fri with an hour for lunch.
  • Some company's close completely on lunch hour, and the aren't answered.
  • The Irish are always slightly suspicious of foreigners- it takes a while before they trust you, but they're always open to new ideas.
  • Traditional style is tweed,wool's, and subdued colors.
  • Women wearing pants is still not common in Ireland.
  • Wearing "extravagant" jewelry can make people have a negative attitude towards you.
  • Women are expected to be well dressed.
  • Flashy colors and styles are inappropriate.
  • Conversation:Irish generally prefer direct eye contact. People avoid eye contact, may be perceived has untrustworthy.
  • The Irish are enthusiastic conversationalist and debates.
  • The Irish find argument and opinionated conversations, so don't hesitate to express your views!
  • Sport is a common topic of conversation and Irish people tend to be receptive to sporting terms.
  • It's considered arrogant to talk about your own accomplishments.
  • Let's make a deal: It's appropriate to present a business card at an introduction.
  • Establishing report is important in Irish culture.
  • Speak plainly and expect what you say to be taken literally.
  • The Irish are usually distrustful of authority of people who think they are somehow "better" than others.
  • Family is everything. Many businesses are family owned and run, promotion is often given to family members before other employees.
  • Drinking is a big part of Irish culture.
  • It is almost acceptable to get drunk in Irish Culture.
  • In an Irish Pub each person is expected to pay for a round, if you neglect it, it will only make a bad impression.
  • Table are like Americas only more relaxed.
  • Tipping is customary for taxis,restaurants,and hairdressing but not elsewhere.
  • Public Behavior:Handshakes are the perferred greeting.
  • Men should refrain from being too physically demonstrative with women.
  • When speaking to an Irish person, keep an arm length between you.
  • Don't break eye contact when talking.
  • Remain modest, friendly, and relaxed
  • Not traditionally apart of Irish culture
  • If someone invites you to their home for dinner, it's okay to bring flowers
  • Bringing a unique food is also accpetable
  • It's also okay to bring a book from your home religion to share with others
We enjoyed learning a lot about Ireland and Irish business culture, especially their customs and everyday lives!


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