Extrapolating the Major Changes

See below the major changes from the 2021 nationwide structure for our parents, players, and coaches to consider.

All players will be on one National Standings List per age division. Every ranked tournament (Level 1-Level 7), will count towards a players' National Standings. This list will be run at least once per month. The section will only run a section quota list once per month.

All ranking tournaments will use the same national ranking point table.

The 12's division will be yellow ball from Level 1-6. Our section will only have green ball 12's at the Level 7.

Selection for National Championships, National Clay Championships, and National Winter Championships will select players from the National Standings List before section quota.

Section Quota: Of a players best 6 results, the limit on the number of results that can come from National tournaments and tournaments sanctioned by another Section is 3 singles and 3 doubles for 14-18 age divisions. The limit is 2 singles and 2 doubles for the 12's age division.

There will be new tournaments sanctioned by the section including an intersectional L2 team event, an intrasectional L4 team event (on calendar for 2020), as well as new events at levels 4-7 and Net Generation Circuit Events (non-ranking).